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Primary education ins Senegal caters to children aged 7 and lasts for 6 years up to the age of 12 years. the primary education system here is also divided into three cycles of two years each and culminates in the Certificate of Elementary Completion (CFEE) where Successful students move to lower secondary education in either the general stream or the technical stream.

  • Ages                            : 6-12 years
  • Grades                         : Grade 1-6
  • Duration of study       : 6 years
  • Primary Languages     : French
  • Terms                          : 3 terms
  • Admission Term          : throughout the year

Curriculum- the curriculum here focuses on core subjects such as French, mathematics, and sciences. Other subjects include reading, geography, health care, hygiene, protection of the environment, and arts education.

Various schools offer elementary education even to foreign students in Senegal. These can either be community schools, private schools, or government public schools.

The Senegalese-American Bilingual School

This is one of the international, bilingual schools located in Dakar. The school has a large population and operates on 9 sites or micro-schools. Tuition here is both in French and English. The school offers education to students from the kindergarten section to the 12th grade.

  • Address: Avenue Birago Diop, en face de la Mosquée, Point-E, Dakar-Fann, BP: 25159 Senegal, West Africa.
  • Student population: 1300
  • Grades: k-12th grade.
  • Language of instruction: English, french
  • Type: co-educational, non-profit

Students at the School can choose either of the two programs, the Senegalese or the American program. These programs include 4 years of preschool education and 5 or 6 years in elementary school. The Senegalese program lasts for 5 years from CP to CM2 and students are awarded the Certificate of Elementary Completion (CFEE). It is a bilingual program where 30% of lessons are conducted in English, and the rest in French. The American program lasts for 6 years from the 1st to the 6th Grade where 70% of the courses are conducted in English and the remaining 30% are conducted in French.

Prospective students- students who want to enroll in the school must provide the following documents after passing the entry examinations:

  • A copy of the birth certificate
  • Provide report cards from the last three years (if applicable)
  • Provide Medical or Immunization records
  • two (2) passport photographs
  • letters of reference (upon request)
  • applicant’s a valid passport

International School of Dakar

This is an American international, coeducational school in Dakar that offers education from pre-kindergarten to the 12th grade. The school has a diverse, multi-cultural community that believes students can excel in many areas including academics, arts, sports, and service, to mention but a few. Elementary School starts with the  Pre-Kindergarten 3 class and ends with Grade 5.

Elementary school

  • Address: BP 5136, 10700 Dakar Fann, Senegal
  • grades: pre-kindergarten to kindergarten
  • Primary Languages: French
  • Student population: 700+ (all grades)
  • International student representation: 64+ countries.
  • Academic staff: 80+
  • Terms                          : 3 terms
  • Academic year: mid-August to mid-June
  • Accreditation: Council of International Schools (CIS), and the Middle States Association (MSA)

Curriculum- the academic program offered here is student-centered, inquiry-based, and focused and follows the standards and practices of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP). the units of Inquiry are designed under six social studies and science-based themes. Language Arts, Math, and Specialist subjects. Students also take Art, Music, and Physical Education. Children get to explore and utilize various aspects of technology in all subject areas and also take part in daily French lessons. All students up to grade 10 have mandatory art classes, which include drama, music, movement, dance, photography, graphic arts, painting, sculpting, painting, drawing, and filmmaking, depending on their division.

Extracurricular activities- students have an opportunity to take part in a variety of individual and team sports including basketball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, track, and field, chess, pottery, photography, fencing, dance, African drumming, circus arts, to mention but a few.

Facilities- students benefit from the use of a variety of facilities including state-of-the-art science and computer labs, air-conditioned classrooms, spacious art, and music rooms, an outdoor playground, a library, a sports field, playgrounds, a swimming pool, basketball courts, a food service area, media lab for film students, a Makerspace for design technology, a drama studio, an elementary movement room, and two-band areas.

Prospective students- the school has a rolling admissions policy meaning it admits students at any time of the year. Parents are encouraged to submit all required application documents and payments as soon as they can and provide the following:

  • A Completed Online Application
  • Complete immunization or health records
  • A copy of the passport
  • A copy of the birth certificate
  • One passport-size photo
  • Application fee of $100

Tuition and Fees

The following are the fees for the year 2021-2022.


Fee for new student                                        $100

Re-enrollment Fee                                           $35

Capital Development Fee

New students Kindergarten to Grade 12       $6 500

Returning students Grade 1 to Grade 12       $1 000

Annual Tuition

Kindergarten to Grade 5                                 $21 590

Payment in CFA will be accepted, based on an established exchange rate.

Dakar Academy

This is a co-educational day school offering education from Pre-Kindergarten through to the 12th grade. Its Academic Calendar begins in August and ends in June. The school enrolls students with no regard to color, race, religion or creed, and nationality, with students from over 30 countries. It has a variety of campuses around the city of Dakar including the West Campus, Central Campus, and the Co-op campus.

Elementary school

  • Established: 1961
  • address: 69 Rue des Pères Maristes, Dakar 10200, SENEGAL
  • ages: 3-6
  • grades: from pre-kindergarten 3
  • student population: 260 (all grades)
  • international representation: 30+ countries.
  • Student-teacher ratio: 12:1
  • Duration of study: 2-3years
  • Primary Languages: English
  • Terms                          : 3 terms
  • Academic calendar: August to June

Accreditation: Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association of Christian Schools International ((ACSI).

Curriculum- the elementary curriculum is offered in English, where the focus is placed on developing foundational skills that will prepare students for middle school and high school, including thinking critically, solving problems, taking notes, completing homework, and preparing for tests.

All in-class activities, events, and athletic activities are aimed at developing students socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Responsibility, decisions, and their consequences are also taught at elementary school here and this helps students to become more independent problem-solvers and to make their own responsible decisions

Extracurricular activities-. students in grades 3 to 5 are also allowed to participate in the various athletics programs so they can learn which sports they are good at and also for their health and well-being. students can participate in a variety of team sports and individual sports. various sports codes are offered including Basketball, Dodgeball, Handball, Soccer, Spikeball, Turkey Bowl, Volleyball, to mention but a few.

Facilities- students have access to a variety of facilities including air-conditioned classrooms, an auditorium with a stage, costume and prop room, sound and lighting systems, Science labs, Computer Labs, a school kitchen, and a Well equipped playground, sports field with soccer goals,  running track, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, court soccer area, turf area, picnic tables, benches, and swings, to mention but a few.

Tuition and fees- the following are the fees to be paid by elementary students here.

Fee detaills                                                     amount

Enrollemt                                                        $300/ per child

Development fee (once off)                            $3 000

Tech fee                                                          $50


Pre-kindergarten 3 and 4                                half day                      full day

Three days                                                       3 100                           4 650

Five days                                                         5 000                           7 500

Ellementary fees range $10 200- $15 300

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