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Secondary education in Senegal is divided into two sections, lower secondary (middle school) for 4 years, and upper secondary (high school) for 3 years. Lower secondary is for children aged 12 and 15 and upper secondary is for the ages of 16 and 18. On completion of the 9th-grade students are awarded the Brevet d’Etudes du Premier Cycle or BEPC (Certificate of First Cycle Studies).

Secondary education can be either general or technical. Students who complete the general cycle will be awarded a baccalaureate which is equivalent to the high school diploma and the technical cycle culminates in the brevet d’etudes professionnelles (BEP) and the brevet de technicien(BT).

  • Grades: 7- 13
  • Duration: 7 years
  • Primary Languages: french
  • Terms                          : 3 terms
  • Admission Term: throughout the year

Curriculum- the secondary curriculum covers a variety of subjects including History, Geography, Languages, Sciences, Art and design, Music, Design and Technology, Physical education, commerce, accounting, economics, Mathematics, Social Studies, Arts (social sciences and humanities), Vocational, and some electives to mention but a few.

Let’s take a brief look at some international schools offering some of the best education for locals and expatriates in Senegal.

Enko Waca International School

This is an International multilingual, private, coeducational High School school that serves students from the ages of 11 to 19. It is part of a fast-growing network of African international schools and is located in Pointe des Almadies. It offers a quality international program that attracts students from around Africa and the world. Its philosophy is based on four main values including commitment, benevolence, team spirit, and a pioneering attitude. The school offers the International Baccalaureate Program.

  • Founded: 1996
  • Address: Les Almadies Opposite Hotel Meridien President
  • Ages: 11 to 19
  • Student population: 292+
  • Language of instruction: french
  • Type: co-educational, non-profit.
  • Terms: 3 terms
  • Academic year: august to July.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

The school offers the IB Diploma Program that is taught in French. Subjects or courses offered here include Biology, Biology, Economics, Economics, English A, French A, History, History, Math studies, Mathematics, Mathematics, Physics, Physics, Spanish B, Spanish B, and Theory of Knowledge.

Prospective students- the following are required for students intending to b enrolled at the school

  • A Completed enrollment form
  • a report, grade transcripts for 2018-2019 and 2019-2020
  • Photocopy of ID and birth certificate of student
  • Recent ID picture (original or scanned)
  • the applicant must write a letter addressed to the Head of School and explain what they believe the International Baccalaureate programs will bring to them (Foundation Year and IB students)

Tuition and Fees– the folowing are the fees to be paid by students from the 1st form to the 6th.Tuition and fees for the academic year can be paid at once or in insttalments as follows:

Details                                                                         Amount (FCFA)

Registration fees/ Enrollment Fees                             200 000

Re-registration fees/ Re- Enrollment Fees                  150 000

Tuition fees

Grades                                    Total                           Termly payments     

1st                    2nd                         3rd      

7th-10th grade                        1 699 000                    679 600           679 600           339 800

11th grade                               2 060 000                    824 000           824 000           412 000

IBDP                                       2 550 000                    1 020 000        1 020 000        510 000


Form 1 to Form 3                    1 400 000                    560 000           560 000           280 000

Form 4                                     1 500 000                    600 000           600 000           300 000

Form 5                                     1 700 000                    680 000           680 000           340 000

Lower 6th and Upper 6th        2 030 000                    812 000           812 000           406 000

IQRA Bilingual Academy

This is an Islamic-centered international school in Senegal offering an American curriculum. It offers education from the kindergarten stage to the 12th grade. The school aims to provide high-quality international education and to produce students who will practice Islam as a complete way of life and who are college and career ready, are globally competitive, and are productive citizens.

  • Established: 2010
  • Location: 4314 Allees Seydou Nourou Tall, Dakar, Senegal
  • Language of instruction: English, french
  • Grades: kindergarten to 12th grade
  • Type: Co-educational
  • Accreditation: Middle States Association.

Curriculum- The high school programs offered here include General studies, Quranic, and Islamic studies. The General studies include Languages (English, French, Arabic, English Second Language or French Second Language Programs), Sciences (Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics), History (Geo-Islamic History, American History, World History, Electives: Government and Politics, Economics, Citizenship and Sustainability, Human Rights Education), Math (Algebra 2 and 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus), Islamic Studies (Quran Recitation and Memorization, Fiqh or Adab, Aqeedah, Seerah, Tafsir, Tajweed, Islamic Leadership), Information Technology (Design Technology, Graphic Design, and Computer Programming), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), And Physical Education.

Quranic studies curriculum includes Aqeedah (creed), Seerah (Biography), Tafseer, Salah (Prayer), Etiquettes, and Memorizations of Surahs (Chapters), Duas (Supplications), and Islamic Leadership.

Islamic Studies curriculum includes areas such as Beliefs and worship, Beliefs and worship, and Manners and morals.

Extra-curricular activities- students are allowed to participate in a rich diversity of sports and extracurricular activities including the following:

Sports- Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Gymnastics, and Olympiad

Academic- Science Fair, Spelling Bees, Math Olympiad, Spoken Word, Model United Nations, and UbiliCMAS Abacus Math.

Spiritual- Religious Conference, Xamsa Deen, and Qur'an Competition

Prospective students- Parents or guardians wishing to enroll their children into IQRA BA for the 2020-2021 school year must provide the following documents:

  • a complete application form.
  • three last report cards from the last school, including the first-semester report of the 2019-2020 school year.
  • a copy of a birth certificate or passport
  • Copy of vaccination file
  • 4 recent photos (size ID)
  • A non-refundable deposit of 100 000 CFA to cover an administrative review of all the documents presented and an online Zoom interview.

The Senegalese-American Bilingual School

This is one of the best international, bilingual schools located in Dakar. The school has a large population from various nationalities and operates on 9 sites or micro-schools. Tuition here is both in French and English. The school offers education to students from the kindergarten section to the 12th grade.

  • Address: Avenue Birago Diop, en face de la Mosquée, Point-E, Dakar-Fann, BP: 25159 Senegal, West Africa.
  • Student population: 1300
  • Grades: k-12th grade.
  • Language of instruction: English, french
  • Type: co-educational, non-profit

Students can choose either of the two programs, the Senegalese or the American program. in 7th and 8th grades, half of the subjects are taught in English, and the remaining half in French. subjects taught in French include History, Geography, French, Music, Physical Education, and Art. subjects taught in English include Mathematics, Science, and English. After 8th Grade, students have the option to choose the Senegalese program or the American program. the two programs are as follows:

BFEM- all the lessons, except for English, are taught in French

The American program (9th - 12th Grade) culminates in the American High School Diploma.

Prospective students- students who wish to enroll in the school must provide the following documents after passing the entry examinations:

  • A copy of the birth certificate
  • Provide report cards from the last three years (if applicable)
  • Provide Medical or Immunization records
  • two (2) passport photographs
  • letters of reference (upon request)
  • applicant’s a valid passport

Ecole Bilingue Avenir’s- is an international bilingual, multicultural, and coeducational school in Senegal. The school offers a multicultural environment that enhances students’ adaptability, with students from 26 different nationalities. The school has a belief that Every child is unique and has their learning style, interests and abilities and that the school’s role is to take all these elements into account to help them discover and harmoniously develop their potential.

  • Adress: EBA - Ngaparou-Nguekokh road- BP559 - Senegal
  • Grades                         : 7-8
  • International student representation: 26+
  • Primary Languages: English, French
  • Terms                          : 3 terms
  • Admission Term: throughout the year
  • Accreditation: Senegalese Ministry of Education.
  • Academic calendar: august to June

The school follows ‘learning by doing, a program to make students active learners. Students get to participate in research-based learning, based on their interests.

Tuition and fees- The following is to be paid as fees for the middle school here.

New student fees 2021-2022

Grade                                                                                                                         Installments

                                                Total                                       1st Term          2nd Term         3rd Term

Middle School (grade 6-7)      2 010 000                                300 000           570 000           570000

Prospective students- to apply for admission here parents must provide the following:

  • Evidence of the student’s nationality (ID card or biometric)
  • passport or a consular registration certificate or a nationality certificate.
  • A family Record Book (wedding and children) or birth certificate.
  • 4 recent ID photographs
  • A photocopy of the passport or identity card of both parents
  • in case of divorce or separation, parent/ guardian to provide an official document showing the legal guardianship of the child.
  • a photocopy of the school report book of the current year
  • A certificate of cancellation

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