Scholarship Opportunities For Students in Senegal

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Scholarships are available for students who wish to study in Senegal. Scholarships can come from organizations, well-wishers, or other nations to promote education especially for the disadvantaged. Some of the known categories of scholarships in Senegal are:

  • Student specific scholarships
  • Career-specific scholarships
  • Merit-based scholarships
  • Need-based scholarships
  • Creative contest scholarships
  • College-specific scholarships
  • Athletic Scholarships

The KDS scholarship- is a scholarship awarded annually to students who demonstrate outstanding results in their studies. Students have to share the breakthrough moment that made them pursue a graduate degree and overcome a hardship


  • graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to apply
  • Students must be enrolled at an institution in Senegal.
  • Applicants should be registered as full-time for on-campus study


Three authors from the winning essays will get cash prizes as shown below:

  • First prize of  $1 500
  • 2nd prize of  $1000
  • 3rd prize  $500

Fulbright Scholarships-this scholarship program is for Ph.D. applicants from African countries. It is open for all disciplines and potential candidates are expected to be enrolled with a local university or a research institute. Scholarships cover an academic year of study in a Senegalese University.

  • Eligibility- All African students with the requirements are eligible to apply for the scholarship. It mainly targets African students from disadvantaged backgrounds but with academic excellence and who show outstanding leadership potential.
  • Application requirements: applicants must have at least 5 O' Level subjects and at least 2 passes at the Advanced level. Prospective students have to be enrolled for a bachelor’s degree program at a Senegalese or any African institution.

The West African Research Association (WARA) –targets students who wish to study in West African countries like Senegal. This scholarship offers financial assistance to students who are looking to complete their Masters and Doctoral studies at any Senegalese university. The program offers a maximum of $2500 and $3500 for travel and living expenses respectively.

 Leadership Essay Competition -This is a creative contest scholarship that offers Partial Funding for students who wish to study in an African trade at Senegalese Unversities.

  • Eligibility- It is opento all African citizens to study in any African country.
  • Requirements-Creativity is a prerequisite and relevant proof of study towards any degree at any Senegalese university should be availed.


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