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Dakar in Senegal is one of the best places to witness energetic and colorful live music at several nightclubs and music dotted around. It is Senegal’s premier hub for night entertainment. Let’s take a brief look at some of the best night scenes in Senegal.

Daniel Soriano National Theatre- this is one of the most popular venues for concerts, theatre, and other cultural performances. This is a great venue for a group of friends to enjoy the weekend off from books.

The Institut Français- this is another popular hotspot for theatre productions, films, art displays. It is very popular with foreigners as well. This is for those who prefer to live in packed venues and live music and theatre.

Le Theosane- this is a nightclub owned by Yossou N’dou, an international celebrity and renowned king of Mbalax music. You can enjoy a jolt of live local and international music while enjoying an assortment of drinks. The dance floor knows no bounds as revelers dance away into the night. The sound system is complemented by the selection of music that keeps the night as lively as possible.

Bayekou- this is a bar and lounge that offers a roof terrace with a mesmerizing view of the ocean. This is a great place to go for drinks and an evening outing. The place offers a variety of cocktails, wines, soft drinks, and mocktails. It has a classy restaurant as well as serving an assortment of meals. This is a great place for those who like to enjoy a toned-down evening with friends sharing drinks.

Phare des Mamelles- this is a restaurant and bar located on the outskirts of Dakar. It is in front of Les Mamelles Lighthouse, a scenic spot in Dakar. Revelers dance to live DJs sets and great music under the night sky.

The Viking pub- Is an old-style pub located in Dakar. Get to have a taste of local beers and international beers as well. Revelers can also enjoy live music from the various live local bands that play there every weekend.

"A lot of places to go out for a drink" - Petrov from Russia

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