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Accommodation options are available for both students and tourists alike. You can find a hotel, flats, hostels, studios, and several apartments dotted around major cities in Senegal. Here is a brief look at some of the accommodation options to consider for your stay in Senegal.

 Apartments – there are several apartments available in Senegal. Apartments in Senegal are usually fully furnished but some are not. Apartments can cost from as little as $40. An apartment a Djily Mbaye with 1bedroom, 1 living room, 1 bed, and 2 bathrooms costs US$44. Residence Rosekane in Dakar costs $57 and a studio at Café de Rome costs $91.

Rented Rooms- there are landlords in different cities who also let out their spare rooms to students. Some can rent out the entire place as well.

Shared Flats- students can share a flat and share utilities as well. This makes it more affordable.

 Student Residence- students can reside at their university residence which is a lot cheaper than renting. Most universities give priority to students from other countries and areas or towns that are out of reach. The Cheikh Anta Diop University has a residence of 27 buildings that are designed to house 10 700 students spread out at its three different sites. These contain laundry rooms, TV rooms, club rooms, and kitchens, and even some student shops.

Homestays- These can offer the most affordable accommodation in Senegal. Students get to stay with a host family and share in the activities of the family for a fee or free depending on the agreement. Some offer free homestay to students as charity but some do it for financial gain.

This is the best way to enjoy the best of what Senegal has to offer. Enjoy the local home-cooked meals and also get to learn things faster from the host family. Paid homestays in Dakar can cost from as little as 8 euros. An example is a homestay in Ceot, Dakar is owned by a young couple who want to learn new languages and culture.

It welcomes everyone including students and offers a unique family to stay with a garden, free internet access, laundry, and rooms, shared bathrooms, and food. For most homestays, the host can offer a light complimentary breakfast at his/ her discretion and other meals incur an extra cost as may be arranged with the hosts.


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