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Cultural History

The wonderful Pacific nation of Samoa hasn’t always been a laid-back paradise. Since the 18th century, Samoa has been hit with European expansionism coupled by colonialism. However, the way of the country was fortunately not lost, as traditional culture still dominates this Westernized Pacific island country. European contact in Samoa didn’t begin until the 18th century. However, at this time, both Samoa (Western Samoa) and American Samoa were not separate entities.

The Dutch and the French made contact with Samoa well before English missionaries began getting to the islands in the 1830s. The famous English missionary, John Williams, incepted Samoa’s affection for Christianity. Before the end of the 18th century, German influence had also begun to surface throughout the islands.


Samoans themselves are quiet and warm people! This is evidenced by the level of security and peace the country offers. You will likely stay for the entirety of your study period unbothered here! There is no need to contemplate about studying here. The country lives up to its fame! Make your application today with RocApply and get started to roll with everyone else here.While English is still the official language of Samoa, Samoan is the first language of the majority.

Creole cuisine has an Pacifican vibe to it in Samoa. Lots of seafood cooked in coconut milk and rice with root vegetables like sweet potatoes, yams, and cassava as the main dish. The closest thing to a national Samoan meal is referred to as the bile up. Not as disgusting as it appears when you account for the fact that “bile up” implies “boil up”. It’s a plate of boiled eggs, with fish or pigtail coupled with root vegetables in a tomato sauce. Most local eating spots in the country will serve a variation of this dish.

Even though the country has been strongly influenced by European powers, fa’a Samoa, which is translated to ‘the Samoan way’, is still prevalent throughout the island nation. Traditional language, food, dance, music, and song is evident in today’s society. Nevertheless, despite the thriving traditional culture of Samoa, the country is still profoundly Christian-oriented.

Tattooing is a very important part of cultural and modern Samoan culture. As in other Polynesian cultures, Samoan tattoo artists can be found at local villages. Samoan tribes and families have their own different tattoos, and the art is still widely practiced across the islands.

Sporting is an essential part of life for Samoans. Rugby is the major sport played throughout the country. Even though the population of Samoa is relatively small, the national team usually does well on the international stage, especially in seven-a-side rugby. Samoan cricket is another popular sport played throughout the country.

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