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You may think of this country as a place to enjoy long sunny days on the beach, scuba diving or trekking the jungle. It's true that Saint Pierre and Miquelon is great for daytime fun, but the fun doesn't stop when the day vanishes. In many parts of the country, that's just when the fun is getting started. There is a lot of activities to experience when the sun goes down here. The

There are a few restaurants in both Saint Pierre and Miquelon, but it’s best to make a reservation. Due to both tourists and locals frequenting the very few restaurants, they do fill up during the busy summer months.You will find a wide range of awesome food, including a variety of French cuisine, pizza, and baked goods.

There are also grocery stores if you would like another alternative. Breakfasts are often quite light, consisting of croissants and baguettes. In Saint Pierre, we loved the pizza at Le Feu de Braise as well as the food at Creperie Restaurant du Vieux Port.For one week, every year in August, there’s 100% Basque sports and cultural event takes place. On Sunday, visitors participate in the games and the day ends with a ball.

Enter this bar with both contemporary and rustic ambiance including American billiards. Enjoy entertainment with native music and Canadian musicians all to ensure an exceptional evening. Enjoy the terrace during the summer.If you get a crazy urge to dance all night, head to Le Joinville, Saint-Pierre’s disco bar.Whether you like jazz, rock or a variety of musical styles, you will certainly enjoy the atmosphere at this cosy bar.

The country has something for everyone! Don't hesitate to ask any question concerning nightlife in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, RocApply is here to give you all the information you may need before setting your feet in this unique country. Apply with us today, FREE of charge to dare your dream into reality! We are here to serve you anytime, any moment!


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