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If you are planning to study abroad then you are on the right page! RocApply will help you choose the right path to the country of your choice without any hustles! If the Caribbean is on your radar then Saint Martin would be the perfect destination for you.

Saint Martin is an admirable place for those who are seeking high-quality education abroad at a reasonable price. International students are interested in acquiring a certificate in Saint Martin for a variety of reasons.

The people here are advanced, multicultural, and open-minded nationals. Residents of Saint Martin are family-oriented and always feel proud in offering the best experience of hospitality to the international tourists, visitors, and students pursuing varied courses from the top medical universities in the country.

The country has witnessed a remarkable development in the field of education, especially in the area of medicine. The growth percentage of teaching in the country particularly in the medical field is astounding.

Degrees awarded by the New Saint Martinese universities are internationally recognized. Students who have completed them are successfully practicing theircareers in various destinations around the world. There are only a few steps you have to follow to book your vacancy here; apply online with RocApply for free!!

Education has always played an essential role for the people here. Throughout history, and today, it remains one of the most significant values of the Asians. We welcome you to join thousands of international students expanding their horizons, honing their skills, and experiencing the rich cultural heritage of this country.

Study with world-class lecturers, musicians, scientists, and educational patrons. We will help you gain the important necessary to enter the job fieldor continue your education at even higher levels.

By exploring our website you’ll be able to learn about the exciting reforms that have been taking place in the New Saint Martinese higher education system. Top-quality education, professional and competent academic staff, Internationally-oriented courses, lower cost of living, and affordable tuition fees make Saint Martin a great place for international students to receive high-quality academics.

We encourage you to read more, discover the educational opportunities awaiting you at our many and varied establishments, explore our beautiful country, and meet our people recognized as some of the highly hospitable in the world. Saint Martin will provide you with an interesting cultural and educational experience.

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About Saint Martin

Let us head off to Saint-Martin! A water taxi will drop you off on the white sands of Pinel Islet, or on Maho Beach for a hard-earned tanning session. After the beach, it is time to hit the shops: French in Marigot or Dutch in Philipsburg. Watch the Heineken regatta set sail and be ready to dance and party, every Tuesday in Grand-Case, and for the King’s birthday at the end of April.

Saint Martin is an island split between the French collectivity of Saint-Martin and the Dutch territory of Sint Maarten (formerly part of the Netherlands Antilles, but now a part of the state of the Kingdom of the Netherlands). It is one of the smallest land masses divided between two countries in the world.

Here, boating activities provide an awesome way to experience the Caribbean, with many people choosing to charter a yacht or go on a boat tour or fishing excursion. There’re several places to stay on the island, built to western standards. Tourism has been developed in St Martin since the middle of last century, and today there’re many resort-style accommodations to choose from at marvelous locations overlooking the beach.

St Martin is also home to many purpose-built spas, some of which are part of top class hotel resorts offering a complete package. Dining alternatives are varied and equally well catered for, with many high quality restaurants established here. Beaches around St Martin are well known to be some of the best in the world; you could easily spend a day at each one while here. It is easy to see what life is like on the other side in Dutch St Maarten since there’s no border control and you can drive between the two major cities in about 30 minutes.

Many large resorts have been built and on many days cruise ships and yatchs flood Philipsburg with their passengers. Philipsburg is one of the Caribbean's best shopping centres. If shopping's not your thing, you can sit out back on Philipsburg's harbour beach and have a glass. Or play at one of the casinos just down the street.

About Saint Martin's Economy

We understand that as you negotiate through choosing which country to study in the Economy of your options becomes contextual and important. For that reason we have created this guide for you to immerse yourself on what you should know know about the economy, of you beloved Saint Martin. Be sure to go the whole guide to widen your insight!

The southern border is shared with Sint Maarten, a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands; together, these 2 entities make up the smallest landmass in the world shared by two self-governing states

The cultivation of sugar cane introduced African slavery to the island in the late 18th century; the practice was not banned until 1848. The island became a free port in 1939; the tourism industry was dramatically expanded during the 1970s and 1980s. In 2003, the populace of Saint Martin voted to secede from Guadeloupe and in 2007, the northern part of the island became a French overseas collectivity.

In 2010, the southern Dutch portion of the island was announced the independent nation of Sint Maarten within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. On 6 September 2017, Hurricane Irma passed over the island of Saint Martin causing massive damage to roads, communications, electrical power, and housing; the United Nations estimated that 90% of the buildings were damaged or destroyed.

The economy of the country centers on tourism with 85% of the labor force engaged in this sector. Over one million travelers come to the island each year with most arriving through the Princess Juliana International Airport in Sint Maarten.

The financial sector is also important to Saint Martin’s economy as it facilitates financial mediation for its blossoming tourism sector. No significant agriculture and limited local fishing means that almost all food must be imported. Energy resources and manufactured items are also imported, primarily from Mexico and the US.

Saint Martin is reported to have one of the highest per capita income in the Caribbean. As with the rest of the Caribbean, Saint Martin’s financial sector is having to deal with losing correspondent banking alliance.

In September 2017, Hurricane Irma destroyed 95% of the French side of Saint Martin. Along the coastline of Marigot, the nerve pith of the economy, the storm wiped out restaurants, shops, banks and open-air markets impacting more than 36,000 inhabitants.

Why Study in Saint Martin

Affordable Tuition Fees in Saint Martin
Cultural Diversity
Saint Martin also benefits from being a part of South Pacific, yet just a stone’s throw away from Europe, commanding the best of both worlds. But, despite being so close to Amrerica, the living costs are considerably more affordable than the majority of Pacific countries
Affordable Accomodation in Saint Martin
Strong Academic System
Education in Saint Martin has many French influences, but has also developed enormously in later years. There are a variety of universities across the country, and the Saint Martinese government allocates a large portion of its funds for educational purposes. In the past decade, enrollment in Saint Martinese universities has tripled, creating a vibrant academic culture.
International Environment in Saint Martin
In keeping with its future goals, the educational sector here has been reformed and remodeled to measure up to what is obtained in many western societies today. With key interests in productivity, research, and innovation, higher education students are taught with some of the best standards under some of the best conditions and by some of the best lecturers in the world.
Great Weather in Saint Martin
Internationally accredited
Study in Saint Martin and get the advantage of an international certificate that is accepted anywhere in the world. Saint Martinese degrees are of international repute and standards with multiple possibilities for global success within and outside the country. When you have a certificate from any of its institutions you will have higher pospects to get employment on the international stage!

Scholarships in Saint Martin

Students prospecting to study in Saint Martin looking for a Ph.D. scholarship, Masters Scholarships, or Undergraduate scholarships to fund their education abroad can now check with the RocApply Scholarship page for updates from the universities and the Saint Martinese aids. The list of scholarship range from fully funded to limited support or tuition fee waiver and we are committed to helping students acquire them!!

There are a number of scholarships available to Saint Martin scholars to study abroad and in their home country. Because of these funding the country has experienced a rapid expansion in its higher education system. To withstand globally, still, the country is making continuous efforts for its academic and educational expansion.

Saint Martin Student Visa

It is never easy to understand how to get a student visa abroad, in Saint Martin the procedures don’t take long. RocApply has decided to write a functional guide to help you understand the essential procedures and actions step by step. There are many excellent universities in Saint Martin. The universities, colleges, and schools are well-known in the academic community. A vast number of international students are willing to get an education in the best universities here.