Shopping in Saint Lucia

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Looking for a place to shop has never been this easy. As RocApply we will provide you with a few options you might consider :

  • Massy Stores-this This is the most famous shop that any St Lucian will direct you to for the ultimate shopping experience. It has over 10 locations around St Lucia. These stores offer an all in one package for grocery, pharmaceuticals, home office supplies, electronics, and other home supplies.
  • ⦁ Eroline's Supermarket, though not as classier as Massy store, has reasonably priced groceries. It is most preferred by the people in Soufriere and Canaries for its affordability. Other grocery stores include Shoprite wholesale, Glace Supermarket, and The Promise Supermarket. Well, the choice is yours, go cheap or go extra!
  • Castries Market-the the largest open-air market in Castries for all your requirements. It has over 300 vendors and more than 100 market sellers on market days. It also has souvenir and craft shops so if you need something to show people back home (for tourists and international students)
  • Duty-Free Pointe Seraphine- located just outside The City Center, it is one of the world's largest duty-free jewelers and luxurious watch retailers. If you need some bling then do the right thing and pop in.
  • JQ Rodney Bay Mall-is a duty-free shopping offers a wide range of products and curios.
  • FashionsA&S Garments-for fashion lovers and to get your simple and unique clothing
  • Access Clothing Store-offers the best ladies' clothing and accessories. Let's get classy, it's just the right place for you.

RocApply Tips:

  • The market is a very crowded place full of intense hustle and bustle, so it is important to watch your wallet.
  • Find time to learn more about products and names so you buy the right things, language might be confusing
  • Always ask for help or directions from fellow students and if you can't find your way around around
  • Find someone to accompany you in crowdy places or have at least a map in case you get lost

"I enjoy shopping and I found it affordable but some of the clothes are definitely not of the highest quality." - Hassan from Turkey

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