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Whether you intend to travel to Saba as an expat, visitor, or student, the nightlife is one thing we do not want to overlook. The good news is you have all you need when you step into Saba. The country is adorned with multiple spots to wear off your weekly academic stress over drinks with friends! Our RocApply guide with help you which of these spots deserve your first attention once you step into Saba.

The country has a number of bars located throughout the entire island and you will find most of these in restaurants. During weekdays the island is generally calm and comes alive on the weekend. You can dance the night away, join in for a fun night of karaoke or just chill and have some drinks at happy hour. The restaurants on the island of Saba are high in number and generally offer fine dining experiences for visitors. Of course, most of the restaurants are found in Windwardside and The Bottom.

However, there are also a variety of hotels and resorts around the island which boast enormous restaurants and bars for tourists to enjoy. Even though the island is small, there are European, Caribbean, American, and Asian influences in Saba’s wide range of restaurants.

There are some traditional dishes that should not be overlooked, including calaloo soup, breadfruit, and curried goat. Bars and lounges are available, but generally close around midnight, or not long after. Saba Spice is the native rum. It can be quite potent, so alcoholics need to be careful when sampling it.

The country has something for everyone! Don't hesitate to ask any question concerning nightlife in Saba, RocApply is here to give you all the information you may need before setting your feet in this unique country. Apply with us today, free of charge to dare your dream into reality! We are here to serve you anytime, any moment!


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