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Nothing is so uncomfortable as being caught-up between deciding how to behave and not having the chance to do so especially if you're in a foreign land! We understand that studying abroad can be a life-changing experience and, should you choose Saba, our RocApply tips and guides will enhance what will already be a wonderful trip by helping you also understand the culture and etiquette in Saba.  We recommend that you thoroughly go through this guide to enhance your peaceable stay with the Sabac.

The country was first inhabited by Ciboney Indians several thousand years ago. However, it wasn’t until 1493 that Europeans first discovered the island. Christopher Columbus, on his voyage to the Americas in the 15th century, sailed past the island but never stayed on it. This is thought to be because of its rocky shoreline and cliffy ends. It wasn’t until 1632 that Europeans first stumbled across the island, as several shipwrecked Englishman unintentionally ran aground along Saba’s shores.

Settled by the British, but colonized by the Dutch, the small island of Saba boasts an interesting history. The Dutch West Indies Company greatly influenced the island’s early history. However, it wasn’t until the 20th century that Saba developed adquate infrastructure to become a worthwhile tourism destination.

Much of the population in Saba derives from either European or African origin. However, the recent increase in expatriate immigration has also inflated the number of American residents living on the island. The heightened tourism industry over the last couple of decades has also seen greater American influence, including in the realms of food, clothing, and music.

However, traditional Saban culture is still dorminat. Women continue to create Saba lace, which is a traditionally manufactured product that has become extremely popular in the United States. In addition, Saba Spice is a common local rum brew. There are several famous events held throughout the year which showcase the color and glamour of this island state. Carnival in July is the most popular.

Sabac are people full of compassion and courtesy! This is evidenced by the level of security and peace the country offers. You will likely stay for the entirety of your study period unbothered here! There is no need to contemplate about studying here. The country lives up to its fame! Make your application today with RocApply and get started to roll with everyone else here.


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