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You probably wondered if Saba is a country or city stuck somewhere in the four corners of the world! Well, what this country hold will not only shock you but turn your perception about it. Welcome to RocApply Saba! There are many reasons to travel to Saba for educational reasons. One of the best reasons to do so is to be a part of several research studies taking place there.

Renowned as the “unspoiled Queen” of the Caribbean region, Saba is one of the more unique islands in Central America. The island nation is actually part of the Netherlands despite being many thousands of miles away from the European nation. It is found upon an active volcano called Mt Scenery. Consequently, the landscape is lusciously green, with sparkling townships located around the hill.

Saba is famous for its unique landscape amongst other things. Unlike other islands in the Caribbean, Saba has a coastline which is quite rocky, instead of sandy. This led to its late colonization, as sailors refused to moor their ships near to the dangerous coast. Nevertheless, since colonization by the Dutch, Saba has continued to grow, but it was not until the 20th century that modern developments brought tourism to the island.

Roads and ports make it possible for tourists to explore the natural richness of this tiny Caribbean jewel. Today, Mount Scenery is the centre of the island’s tourism industry. However, diving is also popular, and so too is hiking. However, eco-tours are now the major focus of many travelers to Saba. Students also conisder studying in Saba due to its safety and eqatorial climate amongst other reasons.

Compare the situation to that of other countries, for instance, and other countries where the student loan system applies: that can mean that although young people can get an education, they enter the working world already saddled with considerable Owings.The availability of cheap institutions in the country clearly shows the determination of successive governments to equip the country with well-educated people! When you choose to study here you will be launching yourself into a new academic horizon!

All you have to do is peruse the filter and apply today!! We are committed to making sure your desire to study in Saba does not fall void with our RocApply team that is placed to serve in your best interest. Choose which university you want here and apply for FREE! Are you still contemplating?! Apply now!! One thing is guaranteed you will come from the universities blazing information and knowledge. What are you waiting for!? We are ready to receive your documents!!

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About Saba

Welcome to “unspoiled Queen”; Saba. The island is small, but astoundingly beautiful. Therefore foreigners are advised to take an hour or two to explore Saba upon ‘The Road’. This is the only roadway here, which can be traveled by motorbike, car rental, taxi, or scooter.

There is a small selection of resorts here and numerous cottages that can be rented out by the day or week. Most of the accommodation is found in the towns of Windwardside and The Bottom. For cheaper alternatives, there are guesthouses which have shared common rooms, but are still very wondwerful.

The nightlife does not usually go on all night, with relaxation rather than pumping music the focus here. The food in Saba is tremendous. Seafood is fresh and delicious, but so too are the Western, European, and Asian cuisines found on thid island nation. Whatever you eat, do not forget to wash it down with the local rum.

Saba is in the Caribbean Sea, and experiences a tropical maritime climate. Like other islands in the Leeward Antilles, Saba has hot summers and mild winters. During the year, an average temperature of 80°F blankets the island nation.

The summer months are from June to August and are generally much hotter here, more humid, and rainier than the winter months. Winter temperatures can fall to around 80°F, sometimes even lower. Rain falls more frequently between May and September, this period is prone to cyclones, which happen on a yearly basis around Saba and the Leeward Antilles.

The airport serving Saba is among the world’s most interesting. The runway is short, and only experienced pilots are recommended to fly there. Nevertheless, there are dozens of take-offs and landings every day. Flights connect to the larger Caribbean island of St Maarten, which is just a fifteen minute flight away. American travelers cannot directly reach the island by air, but transfers are possible in both Antigua and St Maarten.

About Saba's Economy

The knowledge of economic performance for a given country can serve a long way in choosing which country to pick for a semester abroad! To this aid, we have made sure you keep well-informed through our Saba Economy guide what entails domestic and foreign income here. The information is overall but you may need to read more on the reviews from trusted sources to gain a deeper understanding of the economic performance.

The economy of Saba, smallest island of the Netherlands, has always been limited by its small land mass and low population. Because Saba is a dormant volcano with rocky shores and only one beach, tourism was slow to grow. However, the island has become known for its eco-tourist, such as scuba diving, rock climbing, and hiking. The tourism industry now contributes more to the islands economy than any other activity.

Tourism has been growing rapid in recent years. According to the official tourist Bureau of Sabasa, in the first quarter of 2005 the number of tourists to Saba totaled 7358. On current estimates, the annual number of tourists around eleven thousand. The largest number of tourists come from the US, but more and more Dutch and other European visitors of Saba destination.

Agriculture still contributes to the economy, primarily livestock and vegetables, especially potatoes. Saba lace continues to be sold in shops on the island. The Saba University grew in importance as it expanded, approximately two hundred jobs directly and indirectly and 4.8 million U.S. dollars GDP.

Sabans who grew up in poverty often have trouble combating it as adults. As they begin to transition into adulthood, some face mental issues due to a stressful home environment, food insecurity and/or lower-quality housing. Poor children are also more likely to fall behind in school, making them less employable as youths.

The European Netherlands offers a variety of resources for the Dutch youth to help those most challenged to succeed. However, the Dutch government does not always extend the same resources to Dutch-Caribbean young life.

Why Study in Saba

Affordable Tuition Fees in Saba
If you’re looking for a culture shock, the country is a good place to start. There is some American influence on the culture in Saba capital especially, but Saba has its own charm that can’t be figured elsewhere. The bustling town life paired with the relaxed good vibes culture is a blend that is very different from what you might be used to. Blending into the culture is relatively easy as an international student!
Affordable Accomodation in Saba
Although most of the country's inhabitants prefer going from one place to another by car, walking in the city gives you a great opportunity to explore all the town’s curiosities and secrets spots is made easier. Whether you’re after groceries, bookstores, a good place to eat or drink, or unknown antique shops, you’ll be able to find it all within walking distance from your dorm or other residences. This makes universities easily accessible and less costly to attend!
International Environment in Saba
Wander the beauty
Weekends and academic breaks allow you to venture out and explore your surroundings in Saba; both your immediate and more distant attractions are availed to students. Since studying abroad here often puts you in a completely different environment, you are much closer to spots you might otherwise not have had the opportunity to visit. Students have travel plans from which they can benefit from!
Great Weather in Saba
Most academic institutions here offer students the chance to earn as they work. This is an important and distinct feature of Saba's tertiary education. Once you apply here you will have the opportunity to engage in industrial work to improve your skills and also earn! The overall impact is vital on the student as they leave university with a stronger resume and ready to face the global job market more prepared than ever!

Scholarships in Saba

Students prospecting to study in Saba looking for a Ph.D. scholarship, Masters Scholarships, or Undergraduate scholarships to fund their education abroad can now check with the RocApplyScholarship page for updates from the universities and the Sabac aids. The list of scholarship range from fully funded to limited support or tuition fee waiver and we are committed to helping students acquire them!!

Saba Student Visa

To study in any one of the universities in Saba, international students must get a Sabac student visa depending on their country of origin. RocApply has made it easy for you to follow what documentation may be needed upon visa application on this guide! It is, however, advised to always check with the consulate/embassy/mission for more details on visa requirements.

To receive a Sabac Student Visa, you must first get accepted into an educational institution in Saba. This is why it is important to apply through RocApply and secure a vacancy in any of the universities of your choice to proceed with an application for a visa. The student then has to apply at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for authorization for your Student Visa.