Synergy University - Moscow

Университет Синергия

Synergy University - Moscow

Number of students
1410€ - 1590€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
January 20, September 03
Application Deadline
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

Synergy University, Russia has several courses and programs at various levels; from preparatory programs to language courses and from advanced diplomas to postgraduate programs that are well accredited and of international standards.

Synergy University is noticeably one of the cheapest private higher institutions in the country, offering quality education at very affordable fees.

The university offers part-time and full-time study options to promote an inclusive learning environment that is open and welcoming to different individuals.

Tuition at the university varies from level to level and is paid on an annual basis depending on the program duration.

The current tuition structure at Synergy University:

Level Length of Program Tuition
Foundation Programs 7 months - 1 year $2,750
Foundation Programs (Medicine) 7 months - 1 year $2,250
Language Programs 9 months $2,200
Diploma Programs 1 year + 10 months $1,450/ semester
Bachelor Programs 4 years $1,750/ semester
Masters Programs 2 years $1,150/ semester
Ph.D Programs 3 years $1,550/ semester

Application Procedures at Synergy University - Moscow

RocApply in collaboration with Synergy University is inviting you to apply to study in Russia, the dynamic society with a system of education that is heralded and respected all over the world with an opportunity to explore Europe through the gateway city of Moscow.

Russia is a big ball of culture and commerce and has produced some very prominent names in the fields of science, arts, music, business, and literature. For centuries now, Moscow has been the go-to destination for many foreign students from across the globe, and to date, the nation continues to entice foreigners with its very affordable living conditions and education. 

Apply to Synergy University on RocApply today let us help you every step of the way, we understand that finding the right school and program might be a daunting task, so let us do the heavy lifting and secure your spot at this prestigious institution with the guarantee of a promising future.

Application Steps:

  • Fill and submit the application form and upload all the accompanying documents on RocApply
  • Prepare and pass the university-set interview to secure your spot
  • Sign the student contract to confirm enrollment
  • Proceed to tuition fee payment
  • Process your visa application (if needed)
  • Begin your studies at Synergy University

Documents required for admission

  • Completed online application form via RocApply
  • International passport
  • Academic certificates and diplomas
  • Academic transcripts
  • Proof of English/Russian proficiency
  • Statement of account showing proof of funds
  • Passport photograph
  • Please note that all academic results and certificates obtained in a foreign language must be authenticated and translated to Russian or English, contingent on the language of study you desire.

Select your Degree

Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate

Select your field of study for Bachelors


Select your Bachelor program

Application Requirements for Masters:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree

Select your field of study for Masters


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Synergy University - Moscow in Rankings


  • Top 7 MBA Universities in Moscow
  • 1st Business School in Russia
  • Top 100 University in Russia
  • Top 3 Private Institutions in Russia

Tuition and Scholarships at Synergy University - Moscow

Synergy University also offers funding and scholarships to its students through a series of schemes and financial aids that are both remotely and privately sourced or funded.

High-performing students at the school are awarded scholarships varying from full-ride to partial funding for the complete duration of their courses at the university.

Likewise, as an institution that encourages creativity and innovation, students receive support from the university to advance their business ideas and push their creativity to the next level.

Post-graduate students at the university that embark on research studies receive grants and fellowships on national levels towards furthering or completing their education at Synergy University.

Cost of living at Synergy University - Moscow

200 - 280 Euro / month
250 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Synergy University - Moscow

Internationally recognized Faculty: 16 Six outstanding AMBA accreditations
Founded in 1995 Programs: 100+ internationally accredited courses Rankings:
Situated in Moscow Bachelor Programs: 18 Top 7 MBA Universities in Moscow
Other Locations: Dubai, London, Germany, New York, Singapore. Masters Programs: 11 1st Business School in Russia
Type: Public-Private Student Population: More than 65,000 students Top 100 University in Russia
Campus: Contemporary Academic Staff: 700+ Professors and Doctors Top 3 Private Institutions in Russia
Study Mode: Full-Time and Part-Time International Representation: Students from more than 50 countries around the globe Tuition: From $2,000

The university also stands out as one of the most top-quality private university that is equally affordable and is open to foreign students from around the world.

There is no better university in Russia that better prepares the next generation of entrepreneurs like Synergy University, the school has been dubbed the ‘Leading Entrepreneurial University’ in the country and they continue to succeed in leaps and bounds both locally and internationally.

The university’s administration supports in many ways the entrepreneurial initiatives proposed by the students.

The university has produced more than 70,000 graduates who have gone on to be global dominators in their own rights, time and time again Synergy University has proven that they are ahead of the curve.

Students taking entrepreneurial courses pass through a mandatory preparation program which is more or less a business incubator, they also develop their business ideas taking into account the recommendations given to them by their advisors.

The university’s main goal is to develop within the student the knowledge, skills, and understanding and this is done by a smart combination of various education modules.

The academic unit at university comprises of over 500 teachers, 50 professors, and 200 doctoral candidates, adding to a catalog of guest teachers and speakers of individuals that have attained great success in their respective fields.

Students are taught to believe that any goal and anything is possible as long as they set their minds to it and work towards it.

Synergy University stands out in the fact that its students can begin their educational courses and receive an array of job offers from various employers as the entire administration of the university sees to it that all its students have job opportunities.

Synergy University also has set up a foundation within the school called “Synergy Capital” where students can receive the necessary funding to actualize their projects.


The university has set its sights on goal in which its Alumni would've established over 1,500 businesses by 2022, in doing so they continue to raise a generation of individuals who are not afraid to step out and take risks. Synergy University is an ideal platform for your own start-up called life.

Some of Synergy’s Achievements:

  • Accreditation of the AMBA – International Association (UK)
  • Accreditation of the European Foundation for Quality Assurance in e-learning
  • Member of the International Association of Universities
  • Member of the Observatory ‘ Magna Charta Universitatum’
  • Over five hundred partnerships with companies and industries both nationally and internationally

Career Center at Synergy University - Moscow

All the programs at Synergy University are tailored to the specific requirements of global employers, which gives its students not just a good knowledge of the subject but also a fair understanding of real-life scenarios and how the industry works.

Programs are developed together with many leading global partner organizations some of which include Google, Hilton Moscow, Intercontinental Moscow, Mail.Ru Group, Samsung, Rostelecom, Almaz Capital, SPLAT, Home Credit, UniCredit Bank and many more.

In this vein, Synergy University has a career center that is devoted to ensuring that all its students find employment placements while studying or after graduation. This career center helps Synergy students to build their portfolios and forge their career paths quite early in their education.

The career center organizes workshops and seminars to teach students about the workplace, how to write a CV/Resume, conduct mock interviews and even profer employment suggestions.

Foreign students also benefit immensely from the post-study work visa assistance that the university generously provides should they decide to remain in the country.

Social Activities at Synergy University - Moscow

The university organizes several interesting events, business workshops, entertainment shows, and cultural activities much to the advantage of its students. These activities happen throughout the year and add to the flare and color of Synergy, even more significantly is encourages unity, participation and community interaction.

Some important activities at the university include;

  • Synergy Global Forum
  • Synergy Insight Forum
  • Synergy Digital Forum
  • Synergy Women Forum
  • Synergy Summer Camp

Student Life at Synergy University Moscow

Life as a student at Synergy University Moscow incorporates all the upsides of vibrant student life; from associations and clubs to organized activities and social events that celebrate the brilliant multicultural campus in Moscow.

The university presents a colossal opportunity for self-actualization and an unforgettable experience for all its students regardless of their backgrounds.

Lying at the core of the university’s approach is the model of continuous education which includes in itself all possible stages which are;

  • Foundation
  • College
  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • Postgraduate scientific degrees
  • Seminars and Training
  • Professional MBA

Life as a student in Moscow is also very rewarding, this cosmopolitan city stands out as one of the largest capital cities in Europe and one of the most visited tourist destinations on the continent. Students enjoy the sights and sounds as well as the commercial ambiance that is within their reach.

The city is also praised for being one of the most cost-effective and affordable cities, the cost of living as a student is considerably lower than in most large capitals around the globe. As a student, you will have value for their money on critical expenses such as food, accommodation, and other essentials.

Why Study at Synergy University - Moscow

Study in Russia

You have the chance to study in an advanced society with a developed economy that is constantly evolving bot in industry and in policies, with multiple opportunities to benefit from the system. The country is also seeking skilled internationals who can function in many sectors as an answer to its constant development. There is also the beauty to explore and experience in this delectable country of culture and history.

Modern Campus Environment

The university has a very unique and youthful campus environment that resonates with many students from around the globe. Synergy University also ranks excellently for its educational facilities and amenities, the university’s structure is also as excellent as it’s aesthetics. The university library is one of the most diverse and comprehensive in the city of Moscow, classrooms, and laboratories are functionally modern and well equipped with all the necessary learning aids for students.

Career/Employment assistance by the university

Students at the university are armed with all the key elements for securing a job and survival in competitive markets and industries. Similarly, every student at the university has a leg-up provided by the university towards advancing their careers. Foreign students also receive help towards getting their work visas and permits should they decide to remain in the country after they graduate.

Multifaceted Student Life

The university offers its students a very active and well-lubricated student life in different spheres ranging from sports to social activities and extracurriculars. The system is built in such a manner where students can excel both academically and socially, with annual competitions and events tailored to highlight the variety that is present on campus.

A globally recognized degree

Certificates obtained at Synergy are internationally recognized, with a very high acceptance rate across Europe and North America.

Personalized method of Teaching

Every student is important and the university, instruction is vetted out on an individual basis allowing students to learn and grow at their own pace. There are also private tutors who go the extra mile to journey with students throughout their study process at the university.

Accommodation Synergy University - Moscow

On Campus Accomodation at Synergy University - Moscow

The university provides accommodation for its students both local and international as dormitories and halls of residence. However, these dorms are not present on the campus ground but scattered around the city. The university also hosts a range of accommodation partners that offer housing at affordable prices to students.

University-owned dormitories are built in an apartment-style set up with two bedrooms per apartment, each room can accommodate about 2-3 persons and come with fully functional modern facilities and fixtures.

Each room has a bathroom and a kitchen with utilities like central heating, internet, housekeeping, and hot water come all-inclusive with the rent. Other facilities such as refrigerator, home appliances, furnishings, and beddings are also provided. The average cost for campus accommodation is $1,500 per academic year. 

Off Campus Accomodation at Synergy University - Moscow

Some students choose to reside in accommodations outside the university campus where there are many private houses and apartments that cater to various student budgets and luxuries. There are also several dormitories and private out-of-school lofts and pads that have different costs.

The expense of leasing off-campus apartments changes from area to area in proximity to the city square and they have different conditions for rent. Commonly, the cost of leasing a one-room condo is around 20,000 to 25,000 RUB contingent on how extravagant the building is and the services they offer.

Renting an apartment out of campus usually means that utilities such as electricity, water, heating, cable tv, and internet all come separate from the rent and students would have to shoulder the bills per usage.

Sports at Synergy University - Moscow

University of Nicosia

Food at Synergy University - Moscow

Available on campus are several canteens and cafeteria that serve various meals to students and staff at different hours of the day. Students who take up residence in the university’s dormitories have access to the free canteen and buffet-style service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The university also has a break area where other external restaurant chains have taken up space serving a variety of fast food and continental meals to students. The price of feeding at the university costs about 30 RUB to 50 RUB per person depending on their food choices.

Transportation at Synergy University - Moscow

Synergy’s campus is situated in a lovely location within the city of Moscow, the three branches of the university are set-up around the same districts are only but a short distance from the main city.

Students can use the subway which is only fifteen minutes from the city square or other public transport means which are cheap and easily accessible from the university campus. The three important metro stations which are close to the three branches of the university in Moscow include,

  • Prospect Mira Metro Station
  • Sokol Metro Station,
  • Semenovskaya Metro Station


About Moscow

Moscow is the capital and the largest city in Russia with a population of more than 12 million people located in the Moskva River in the west of the country. Moscow for Russians is the center of everything, and everything is centered here where all the headquarters of major Russian cooperations are located.

Moscow contributes the largest to the country’s economy both in industry and influence.

Although the weather in Russia is believed to be quite severe, Moscow’s weather is milder than in other parts of the country. Moscow has the best university’s in Russia, one of which is Synergy University, one of the leading business institutions in the country.

Moscow enjoys a much higher standard of living compared to other cities and has one of the highest amounts of billionaires topping cities like London and Paris.

Moscow is home to all the federal authorities of the country from federal to state levels and is heralded as a city of status. Moscow also has the largest amount of English speakers and international residents that any other city in the country, the city is also very green with more green areas than New York or London.

The city center is a serene getaway with one of the largest parks where residents come to relax and unwind at the end of the day. The social life in Moscow is one of the best in the world, with a vast array of bars, pubs and restaurants that serve all types of cuisine to suit most budgets. 

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