Novosibirsk State University

Novosibirsk State University

Number of students
2189€ - 2736€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
December 20, July 12
Application Deadline
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

Admission Process

  1. Choose the direction of training
  2. Submit documents
  3. Pass entrance tests
  4. Applicant lists and enrollment
  5. Registration and Enrollment

General Application Requirements

Deadlines for submission of documents

Application period starts

June 20 - for citizens of the Russian Federation;

March 1 - for foreign citizens and stateless persons.

Application period ends

July 7 - for applicants based on the results of additional entrance examinations of a creative and/or professional orientation (direction of training "Journalism");

July 10 - for applicants based on the results of entrance examinations conducted by the university independently;

July 25 - for applicants based on the USE results.

Document submission methods

You can choose one of the convenient ways to submit documents to NSU:

  1. Applying via RocApply’s easy online application portal, and uploading or emailing all the necessary documents required for admission.
  2. Through postal operators of general use

Mailing address: 630090, Novosibirsk, St. Pirogova, 1, office 2417, NSU Admissions Committee

List of documents required when submitting an application

1. Application form

2. Consent to the processing of personal data.

3. Identity document (passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation / foreign citizen, identity card of a foreign citizen/residence permit). If you took the USE earlier and changed your passport, attach a copy of page 19 "Information on previously issued passports". In case of a change of name, you must provide a supporting document.

4. Document of the established form on education (certificate of secondary general education/diploma of secondary vocational education/diploma of higher education/document of a foreign state on education with a certificate of recognition of foreign education). If you change your full name after receiving your education certificate, you must provide a supporting document.

5. SNILS- insurance certificate of compulsory pension insurance (if any).

6. Document confirming disability for applicants planning to take general educational entrance tests conducted by the university independently.

7. A document confirming disability or limited health capabilities, if necessary, to create special conditions during the entrance examinations conducted by the university independently.

8. A document confirming the right to admission without entrance examinations.

9. Documents confirming the right to benefits (for the use of special rights upon admission).

10. Documents confirming availability of individual achievements.

11. Contract on targeted training and (upon admission within the target admission quota).

12. Photos of 3x4, 6 copies.

13. Medical certificate (for applicants to the "Medical business"). 

When submitting documents required for admission, applicants can submit originals or copies (electronic images) of documents, without submitting their originals. Certification of the specified copies (electronic images) is not required.

Please note:

Citizens of Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Kyrgyzstan can go to the budget. For this, when submitting documents, it is necessary to translate the documents if they are not written in Russian.

Other foreign citizens can apply to the budget if they provide a document confirming the status of a compatriot permanently residing abroad.

Select your Degree

Application Requirements for Phds:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Master's Degree

Select your field of study for Phds


Select your Phd program

Novosibirsk State University in Rankings

  • #2 among Russian Universities (QS World University Rankings)
  • #231 among World Universities (QS World Rankings)
  • #52 among World Universities (TWU Rankings)
  • #11 among BRICS (QS World University Rankings)

Tuition and Scholarships at Novosibirsk State University

Novosibirsk State University is a unique place where you can acquire knowledge and skills in natural sciences, engineering, and humanities.

You can receive a quality higher education and pursue a future career in a wide variety of fields, including science, education, technology, business, and others.

NSU graduates are among the scientific and commercial elite of the world and are in great demand in various fields around the world.

The tuition fee at the university is different for admission to the university, the applicant must provide examination results and a certificate of progress. Novosibirsk State University is one of the most distinguished universities in the world, admitting 1 out of 10 students applying.

The academic year at NSU is divided into 2 academic semesters. NSU has affordable degree programs that cost less than $ 3,000 per year. NSU is considered an expensive option for a master's degree - $ 3,000 per academic year. Despite the relatively low tuition fees, students often participate in scholarship programs.

A wide variety of online courses are available for NSU students. It is important to check the current tuition fees for the desired faculty on our programs list before applying.

Scholarships at NSU

There are many opportunities for scholarships when studying at Novosibirsk State University.

  1. Russian government scholarship

Every year, foreign students have the opportunity to apply for Russian government scholarships, covering all tuition fees and monthly allowances. It does not include travel expenses, accommodation fees, and medical insurance fees. Scholarships are competitive. The selection criteria and selection process are the same as the number of scholarships depending on the application of each region. The application starts in January. The deadline depends on the country's application (March to June).2

  1. Projects provided by partner schools

If you are a student of any of the 114 partner universities of NSU, you have the opportunity to study for free at Novosibirsk State University. And to provide you with a large number of international courses.

  1. Erasmus+ project

Students enrolled in a university that has signed a cooperation agreement are eligible to study in any partner university. Novosibirsk State University has signed such agreements with the following universities:

The University Country field of study mobility

University of Cadiz

 Spanish students and teachers in all fields

Lille First University

 French geology student

Physics and Mathematics students and faculty of Paris Road and Bridge College France

Royal College of Surgeons Dublin Surgery Teaching Staff

 Aston University Great Britain Physics Students and Faculty

 Saarland University Germany Mathematics Student

Please contact your Erasmus+ coordinator for more detailed information.

  1. Scholarships are also provided for higher education projects in individual countries, such as German students and scientists, German Academic Exchange Center, The German Academic Exchange Center provides support for German students studying and doing research in foreign universities and research centers, American students and researchers, Fulbright Plan.

Please remember that the International Department of your university can provide you with important information about foreign scholarships and grants to study in that country and region. You can contact the Admissions Office for International Students of Novosibirsk State University to learn more about the bursary and scholarships of Novosibirsk State University. 

Some other key ways NSU supports its students include;

Scholarships are awarded to students studying on a budgetary basis, or students with emergency financial needs.

Scholarships are awarded during the fall semester, and, in case of successful completion of the first session at "4" and "5" and no debts, during the spring semester of the first year of study

When calculating a scholarship, only points based on the results of the Unified State Exam are taken into account, excluding points for individual achievements of schoolchildren, also excluding school Olympiads, which are counted for 100 points in a subject

Scholarships are awarded to the winners and prize-winners of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren, winners, or prize-winners of the subject Olympiad of the RSOSH level 1-3, who entered without entrance tests and confirmed the Olympiad with 75 points and higher in the profile discipline.

Cost of living at Novosibirsk State University

200 - 300 Euro / month
250 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
40 - 60 Euro / month

About Novosibirsk State University

If you want to become a high-class specialist with a serious academic base

If you dream of immediately applying all your knowledge in practice, doing research in scientific laboratories and major companies

If your goal is a prestigious and highly paid job

Then Novosibirsk State University is the right place for you!

How does a real research university function? The scientists who change our perception of the world every day are at its center.

They pass on their knowledge to students at the laboratories which are equipped with the latest technological advancements and they achieve outstanding results at R and D organizations alongside their students.

All this takes place in the unique atmosphere of Akamgorodok, a place where science co-exists with nature. The combination of these components allows them to create at Novosibirsk State University, a knowledge which can address the key challenges for humanity.

Vast Siberia in terms of resources has been and remains a key region for Russia. Where there are resources, there is the industry, and with industry, there is always a need for scientific personnel. Thanks to such simple logic, the Novosibirsk Academgorodok appeared, and after it the Novosibirsk State University.

In the late 1950s, Siberia provided the country with 75% of its coal and 80% of its hydropower resources. Siberia had already become industrial, but science was then largely applied and did not satisfy its needs. 

An understanding was born in the USSR Academy of Sciences: fundamental science at a period where a significant amount of staff was required. This is how NSU was born.

NSU has become a unique institution of higher learning, existing in close cooperation with institutes: there are several dozen of them on one and a half square kilometers.

The Academgorodok project with the university was even shown at the World Exhibition in Montreal - and it became a model for other scientific cities.

Today, the university continues to develop and 7,200 students are now studying at NSU with more than 45,000 graduates in its alumni. The history of NSU is the history of thousands of graduates who found themselves in science, business, and creativity.


Campus Life

Everything on the campus is within walking distance: university dormitories, sports centers, stadiums, 35 research institutes, and an innovation and technology park (Science Park) are a 10-minute walk from the campus.


Novosibirsk ranks in the top 100 in the 2019 QS best student cities list

Novosibirsk is the unofficial capital of Siberia and the scientific center of Russia. In addition, it is one of the most rapidly developing cities in Russia, a cultural and economic center of Siberia, and a major transportation hub. In Novosibirsk, people can obtain high-quality English teaching training at a low cost of living and education. According to the availability of education, Novosibirsk is one of the 20 best student cities in the world. The ranking experts pointed out the unique R&D atmosphere of the Science City where Novosibirsk State University is located.

Living Costs

According to QS experts, Novosibirsk State University is the second-highest university in Russia. But the tuition and living expenses here are much lower than in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

The rhythm of the big city

The Science City is located 30 kilometers away from Novosibirsk. This means that there will be no shortcomings of big cities, like noise or smog, but there are benefits of big cities: make sure to watch "The Nutcracker" at the largest opera and Ballet Theater in Russia, which is famous all over the world.


"It's like in the woods!" This is how people feel when they first come to Science City. It's easy to meet a hedgehog on the way to university or see wild ducks living in a local pond, and squirrels are used to living next to people, they will not run away, and are happy to pose for Instagram.

For adventurers

The surrounding environment of Science City is the best choice for those who can't imagine life without mountain biking, skiing, and hiking. The vast Ob Sea attracts windsurfers in summer, and sleigh lovers in winter.

On the dazzling white snow, you can make a snow angel, skating or skiing, sit on a "bun" (snow tube) for skiing, build a snowman or watch a dog sled race. Feel the heat of the real Siberian winter: even in the cold winter, it is very warm.

In the heart of Siberia

Novosibirsk is the center of Siberia and the largest transportation hub. This means that you can visit all the Siberian cities during your studies, and you can also visit the Altai Mountains, where the pristine lakes, granite, and steep trails are world-famous. 


Novosibirsk State University campus is a great place full of an active lifestyle. There are supermarkets, cafes, and banks near the campus, all of which are very convenient on foot.

The university campus also has student dormitories which are stylish and modern, offering everything that is needed for comfortable living.

When it comes to sports you can choose to go to the gym, swim in the swimming pool, or go skiing, walking or cycling. And the campus is only short in proximity to a beautiful beach.

Societies and Clubs at NSU

The school caters to students’ hobbies in various aspects such as dancing, music, painting, singing, and drama. Students with different hobbies can choose to participate in various performances. You don't need to make any special preparations to join most clubs. All courses are carried out in the school. If you want to join any club, please contact the club by phone.

Why Study at Novosibirsk State University

Study in Russia

You have the chance to study in an advanced society with a developed economy that is constantly evolving bot in industry and in policies, with multiple opportunities to benefit from the system. The country is also seeking skilled internationals who can function in many sectors as an answer to its constant development. There is also the beauty to explore and experience in this delectable country of culture and history.

Modern Campus Environment

The university has a very unique and youthful campus environment that resonates with many students from around the globe. Synergy University also ranks excellently for its educational facilities and amenities, the university’s structure is also as excellent as it’s aesthetics. The university library is one of the most diverse and comprehensive in the city of Moscow, classrooms, and laboratories are functionally modern and well equipped with all the necessary learning aids for students.

Career/Employment assistance by the university

Students at the university are armed with all the key elements for securing a job and survival in competitive markets and industries. Similarly, every student at the university has a leg-up provided by the university towards advancing their careers. Foreign students also receive help towards getting their work visas and permits should they decide to remain in the country after they graduate.

Multifaceted Student Life

The university offers its students a very active and well-lubricated student life in different spheres ranging from sports to social activities and extracurriculars. The system is built in such a manner where students can excel both academically and socially, with annual competitions and events tailored to highlight the variety that is present on campus.

A globally recognized degree

Certificates obtained at Novosibirsk State University are internationally recognized, with a very high acceptance rate across Europe and North America.

Personalized method of Teaching

Every student is important and the university, instruction is vetted out on an individual basis allowing students to learn and grow at their own pace. There are also private tutors who go the extra mile to journey with students throughout their study process at the university.

Accommodation Novosibirsk State University

On Campus Accomodation at Novosibirsk State University

There are three accommodation options:

Live in student dormitories;

Live in a host family (you will share a house with a Russian family)

Rent a house or share a house off-campus.

The university provides dormitories. The dormitory is located in front of the entrance of the laboratory building, only a 3-minute walk from the university. International students usually live in a two-bedroom dormitory.

A suite consists of one or two rooms and a bathroom with a shower and toilet. Each floor is equipped with a furnished kitchen and a lounge. The cost of accommodation is 1,050 rubles per month and must be paid by the student.

  • Off Campus Accomodation at Novosibirsk State University

    There are three accommodation options:

    Live in student dormitories;

    Live in a host family (you will share a house with a Russian family)

    Rent a house or share a house off-campus.


    The university can help you find a family willing to host you. Accommodation costs must be negotiated separately.


    The university can help you find a place to live. Accommodation costs must be negotiated separately with the landlord.

    We recommend that you live in the student dormitory for the first two weeks after arrival, during which time you can decide how to stay in the future.

    Sports at Novosibirsk State University

    The NSU sports center is one of the largest in Novosibirsk. It houses different sports halls, sports grounds, pools, a ski base, and the department of physical education.

    The NSU Sports Center employs:

    • Professionally equipped basketball hall
    • Small game room (for tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, and mini-football)
    • Two halls for single combats (with two combat zones in each hall for sambo and Greco-Roman wrestling)
    • Gymnastics and aerobics halls (equipped with mirrors, barbell, and gym equipment)
    • Table tennis hall
    • A gym

    The educational and sports health center of NSU includes several open areas:

    • Stadium with a football field and athletics sectors
    • 2 outdoor tennis courts
    • Basketball and streetball courts
    • Small sandy football field.

    Convenient compact location on the campus, accessibility for students, NSU staff, and all residents of Academgorodok makes the complex of outdoor sports grounds a unique sports area.

    About Novosibirsk

    Novosibirsk is

    Intelligence - A city where one-third of the working population has a higher education

    Energy - The fastest-growing city in the country, breaking Chicago records

    Versatility - The city that has everything

    Novosibirsk, city, managerial focus of Novosibirsk oblast (district) and the main city of western Siberia, in south-focal Russia. It lies along the Ob River where the last is crossed by the Trans-Siberian Railroad.

    It was created after the town of Krivoshchekovo on the left bank was picked as the intersection purpose of the Ob for the Trans-Siberian Railroad in 1893.

    The settlement was referred to differently as Gusevka or Aleksandrovsky, however, in 1895 it was renamed Novonikolayevsk out of appreciation for the promotion of Tsar Nicholas II. The extension was finished in 1897, and in 1903 town status was given.

    Novosibirsk is the main social and academic focus in Siberia. It has a drama and artful dance theater, greenhouses, a workmanship display, and historical centers, just as an ensemble symphony.

    There are somewhere in the range of two dozen foundations of higher getting the hang of, including the Novosibirsk State University, established in 1959; other advanced education foundations incorporate railroad designing, electrotechnical, clinical, horticultural, and instructor preparing organizations.

    With the enormous number of instructive foundations, the extent of student’s selected advanced education in the city is among the most noteworthy in Russia.

    The university and some of these establishments are situated in the satellite town of Akademgorodok ("Academic Town"), south of the city.

    From the 1960s Akademgorodok has contained Russia's biggest group of essential science research organizations and workforce outside Moscow and St. Petersburg.

    A large portion of these foundations has a place with the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

    During the 1990s numerous researchers left the territory and migrated outside Russia, however, a portion of these analysts stayed partnered with their home establishments. Pop. (2005 EST.) 1,405,569.

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