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Student Accomodation in Russia

Here are some housing options for students looking for accommodation while studying in Russia, adapted from recommendations by the School of Russian and Asian Studies. Finding affordable accommodation can be difficult in an expensive city such as Moscow. The options range from University dormitories to home stays and renting apartments. The idea of home stays is that you will live with a Russian family. The hosts are often elderly and they take foreign students to live with them as part of the family. This option is definitely recommended if you want to get to know the locals and the real Russian lifestyle.

If you are a person applying on an individual basis, or if you need to arrange your own accommodation for any other reason, you should keep a few things in mind. There is no national system, which handles requests for student accommodation but as RocApply we help you find accommodation nonetheless. The availability of accommodation varies considerably from place to place. Usually, there is plenty of accommodation available in smaller and middle-sized cities or towns. Unfortunately, the situation is more difficult in the larger cities, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and in the traditional student cities.

Often, the number of students exceeds the number of rooms that universities and university colleges have on offer and waiting times are long. However, there are alternatives. To sign a lease for student accommodation, you must be able to prove that you are already studying or that you have been admitted to an academic institution. When you want to move out you must give at least one month’s written notice. Other rules may also apply.

Depending on availability, you can choose to live by yourself or in a shared student flat where you will have your own room but share a bathroom/toilet. Flats can be furnished or unfurnished. You can also rent a flat in the private market. Though usually more expensive, it is a viable option for some students. It is not uncommon for students to share a bigger flat with several rooms. You may also be able to rent a single room privately. Other sources of information are local newspapers and message boards at your university.

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