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Nightlife in Russia

Russian cities become extremely gorgeous when the exquisite composition of colored lights and fountains hit city decor and beautiful buildings at night. These cities will fascinate you in a totally different way at night time. The traditional heritage, castles and museums that are so classic in day time suddenly start rocking at night with the cities.

Night life in Russia is rather young – same as most visitors of the night clubs. The club movement started in Russia in the 1990s and quickly hit the stride. Some clubs have become cultic and celebrated their 20-year anniversary. Usually the oldest clubs of a city are worth visiting: they have great atmosphere and an established circle of visitors. Face control in Russian clubs is strict and unpredictable. Anyone can be refused access without giving reasons. The best way to pass the face control is stylish and “expensive” appearance and calm and friendly communication with the security. However it is better to prepare a couple of extra options.

Now the club industry of Russia continues to develop actively. Many clubs open and close, change their names. The most active night life takes place in Moscow and St. Petersburg.  It seems that these cities never fall asleep even for a minute. At nightfall dancing and rock-clubs, 24/7 restaurants and bars as well as steamy strip clubs turn on their calling lights. As a rule, night clubs are located in the city centre, so even if you just walk along the night streets you can come across an interesting place. As a rule there are queues at the entrance to good places.

Club life of every city has its own face. In Russian cities the joy is freakier, the public is more glamor, and the clubs are larger. In St. Petersburg for example there are more featured clubs with better quality music.  However if you want to experience the real Russian joy don’t limit yourself with only to the capitals. Before a visit study the event poster of the place. The musical menu of most clubs is very eclectic and changes depending on the day of the week. Party goers are sure that branded clothes almost guarantee entrance to a club. However a stylish mix of non-branded garments may also be helpful.

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