Study in Russia

Russia might not be high on everyone's list of holiday destinations but it is quite an amazing country with lots of interesting things to offer ranging from scenic view and academic excellence that is one of the most competitive on the globe.

It is one of the most extraordinary countries in the world, with an almost matchless depth of cultural and historical riches, and landscapes that have inspired artists and poets for generations.

For quite long, Russia was out of bounds under the Soviet system and many people still think of it as inaccessible. However, we are about to tell you otherwise. Russia, the world’s largest nation, borders European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans. This country is home for most scientific discoveries and innovations putting it on the global map of economic giants.

The nature of business and academic success that Russia holds has seen it rise to become one of the most desired academic destinations by most international students due to its renown to produce well acquainted scientists and mathematicians.

One thing that is great about studying in Russia allows for students to study a wide variety of interesting subjects. Russia is a perfect destination for students interested in the arts, as Russia is historically known for its excellence in literature, ballet, painting, and classical music.

The education system here produces a 98% literacy rate, exceeding that of most Western European countries. Russia’s top universities are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg, with Moscow State University and Saint Petersburg being the most well-known.

The top universities in Russia have extremely competitive entry requirements and hold special entry exams each year making the ideal destination for tertiary education.

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About Russia

Russia, the world’s largest nation, borders European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans. Its landscape ranges from tundra and forests to subtropical beaches. It’s famous for Moscow's Bolshoi and St. Petersburg's Mariinsky ballet companies. St. Its area is 17 098.242 thousand square km.

From north to south the country stretches for over 4,000 km; from west to east – for almost 10,000 km. Russia borders on 16 countries. In the south-east - with North Korea, in the south with China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia; in the south-west - with Ukraine, in the west with Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Norway; the Kaliningrad Region borders on Lithuania and Poland. The country is one of the leaders in the extraction of diamonds, platinum, oil, natural gas, a large exporter of steel, grain, weapons.

Russia has one of the world’s largest reserves of fresh water. Russia has a developed telecommunications network, including fixed and mobile communications, a network of Internet providers.

This country is a popular choice for international students with a wide variety of interests, be they literature, art, history, or Russian language studies. International students in Russia will receive a high-quality education in a culturally diverse environment.

Why Study in Russia

Affordable Tuition Fees in Russia
Affordable Tuition Fees

Russia possesses one of the best mass-education systems in the world, and has a long-standing tradition of high-quality education for all citizens. Above this, one of the biggest draws for international students studying in Russia is the price of tuition.

Tuition is Russia is extremely inexpensive, especially in comparison with the quality of education which it buys. Typically, tuition can range from $2,000 to $8,000 a year, with added costs such as room and board and books ranging from $1,500 to $5,000 a year, depending on location.

Affordable Accomodation in Russia

International students in Russia studying literature will have the opportunity to study some of the world’s most famous writers such as Alexander Pushkin and Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Students wondering why study in Russia may also be drawn to the country’s music and dance world.

Students studying in Russia will have many opportunities to experience and appreciate the works of some of the most famous composers of classical music in the world, such as Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, and Stravinsky.

International Environment in Russia
International Exposure 

The population of Russia is made up of over 160 different ethnic groups speaking more than 100 different languages. The official language of the country is Russia, which the majority of the population speaks, but other popular languages include Tatar and Ukrainian.

Students who study in Russia are drawn to the culturally rich environment created by the incredibly diverse population of Russia which aids student experience culture dispose.

Why study in Russia? Here you will immerse yourself with a wide variety of interests, be they literature, art, history, or Russian language studies.

Great Weather in Russia

For everyone who has visited Russia understands that the weather, especially in summer can be very much of a dream around those nations as supported by the number of tourists who flock to those particular destinations for summer holidays.

Studying and living in Russia offers an exciting opportunity to experience a beautiful climate around the beaches, mountain tops, and forests.

The dominant Mediterranean climate here is the call for many students especially during winter times where flare jackets are such an attraction to behold in different colours to avoid snow colds.

Scholarships in Russia

In most cases, international students in Russia are offered a 50% scholarship by the universities, however, students who achieve or have achieved extraordinary academic qualification are subject to more scholarship opportunities.

Students who also maintain an impressive academic average during the course of their studies in Russia are subject to a scholarship which is renewed on a semester basis on condition that the student manages to maintain that impressive average. The exact specific average to be maintained in order to secure the scholarship depends on respective universities, however, all the information is provided on the RocApply program page.

Consistently high achieving students are also eligible to several incentives such as stipend, work opportunities and university and government bursaries. Visit RocApply program page for specific detail regarding various incentives and requirements per university.

Universities in Russia also offer students with incredible sports-related achievements scholarships, therefore, it is important to notify RocApply officials of your sporting achievements so that they may help you as a student to secure a scholarship.

Russia Student Visa

Each and every student regardless of the nationality is required by the law in Russia to have a valid student visa with him or her all the time while studying in Russia. The visa is officially issued by the Migration Department of Russia. Students are eligible to apply for a Russia student visa soon after acquiring the acceptance letter and paying the respective tuition fees of the university.

It is possible to bring your family with you to Russia for your studies, however, it should be your immediate family members such as spouse and kids. There is also a possibility for your friends and other family members to visit you during your studies in Russia but they have to submit the student’s residence permit or student visa in order to obtain the visitor’s visa.

It is also possible to change or transfer to a different university while studying in Russia but immigration offices have to be notified of the development and a new residence permit or student visa will be offered. Full-time international Students are expected to attend the majority of their classes without failure.

Roc Apply team expects students to apply for a student visa 3 months in advance to avoid any foreseeable complications, therefore, please contact [email protected] for more clarification and process explanation if needed.