Student Life in Romania

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Student Life in Romania

Most students haven't had the opportunity to climb the Carpathian Mountains, explore the mysterious Transylvanian countryside, or hang out on the beaches of the Black Sea. When students learn about Romania, they can experience Romania's rich culture and history. Students can also compare life in Romania to life in their home country. Let's look at some activities and games to help students learn about Romania.

Letting yourself a fixed monthly budget will help you and your financial sponsors prepare for your study investment for the 4-6 years. It is priority that you do this from day one of your studies in Romania. Even if finances is not an issue for you, the practice of managing your finances will be useful in your life. Simplicity is the key here. The simpler you live, the more happiness and health you invite into your life. Fortunately simpler is also more affordable! 

Student life here means libraries but also student pubs, clubs and many restaurants. While probably the most known thing about Romania is the legend of Dracula, Romania is much more than that. Think medieval towns, time-capsule villages, delicious cuisine, picturesque monasteries, virgin forests, majestic mountains, a blossoming art community and impressive landscape and of course, high quality education! Romania is a great place for you to study, their diplomas and degrees are recognised all over Europe and beyond.

Activities: The different cultural and activity centers in the University (some of them unique in Romania) organize a full range of programmes for students to take part in, both academically and also for fun:

  • Special seminars and workshops with professional guest speakers
  • Music and theatre shows
  • Special demonstrations and ceremonies


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