Study in Romania

Romania is often referred to as the meeting point of three regions, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Balkans and this has reflected on its cultural heritage.

This country has a rich tapestry and has something for everyone to enjoy, from striking monasteries to scenic landscapes complete with beautiful mountains and medieval towns. Romania offers some of the lowest tuition and living costs in the EU, making it the perfect place for a budget-friendly European study abroad experience.

Universities in Romania can offer international students with a unique experience which is why most do prospect studying here.

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About Romania

With a rich academic history, Romania is a beautiful country with a diverse population.

Boasting fantastic natural landscapes, a combination of European cultures and medieval castles, Romania is widely considered to be the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel. Universities in Romania can offer international students with a unique experience.

Romania is home to over 19.6 million people Its coastline runs along the Black Sea, and the end of the Danube River, Europe’s second longest river, ends in the Danube Delta in Romania.

Why Study in Romania

Affordable Tuition Fees in Romania
Affordable Tuition Fees

Romanian Higher education and living cost are the cheapest in all European Union. The excellent academic standards are achieved with reasonable tuition fees and daily costs while the education sector being a top priority for Europe’s competitiveness.

In addition you will likely enjoy your study here as you can seek for part time jobs to even further relieve fees burden. If you are prospecting studying in Romania you are definitely making a well informed decision with tuition affordability in mind.

Affordable Accomodation in Romania
Quality Education 

Romania boasts with many centuries of uncompromised academic excellence. A rich academic heritage is based around many landmarks in human knowledge, and today’s Romania tertiary education institutions benefit from this lasting legacy.

In Romanian, international students get advantage of wonderful blend of tradition and modernity, vitality and performance, along with traditional and new campuses at low cost making it the perfect destination for international students.

International Environment in Romania
International Exposure 

Whoever you are, European or non-European citizen, choosing to study abroad in European Union, especially in Romania, is the best choice you can make.

There is vast cultural diversity, access to all European countries, the heart of research and conferences centres and possibility of easily being involved into community, meeting people from all over the world and possibility of making network useful lasting for the rest of live.

Great Weather in Romania

With is temperate-continental climate with moderate features which is characteristic for Central Europe, Romania is one great place for col whether fans.

In January most of the country is under snow especially the southern part of the capital. Here you are certain to enjoy yourself much more if you like travelling as you will experience a welcoming climate that is constant throughout the seasons

Scholarships in Romania

In most cases, international students in Romania are offered a 50% scholarship by the universities, however, students who achieve or have achieved extraordinary academic qualification are subject to more scholarship opportunities.

Students who also maintain an impressive academic average during the course of their studies in Romania are subject to a scholarship which is renewed on a semester basis on condition that the student manages to maintain that impressive average.

The exact specific average to be maintained in order to secure the scholarship depends on respective universities, however, all the information is provided on the RocApply program page.

Consistently high achieving students are also eligible to several incentives such as stipend, work opportunities and university and government bursaries. Visit RocApply program page for specific detail regarding various incentives and requirements per university.

Universities in Romania also offer students with incredible sports-related achievements scholarships, therefore, it is important to notify RocApply officials of your sporting achievements so that they may help you as a student to secure a scholarship.

Romania Student Visa

Each and every student regardless of the nationality is required by the law in Romania to have a valid student visa with him or her all the time while studying in Romania. The visa is officially issued by the Migration Department of Romania. Students are eligible to apply for a Romania student visa soon after acquiring the acceptance letter and paying the respective tuition fees of the university.

It is possible to bring your family with you to Romania for your studies, however, it should be your immediate family members such as spouse and kids.

There is also a possibility for your friends and other family members to visit you during your studies in Romania but they have to submit the student’s residence permit or student visa in order to obtain the visitor’s visa.

It is also possible to change or transfer to a different university while studying in Romania but immigration offices have to be notified of the development and a new residence permit or student visa will be offered. Full-time international Students are expected to attend the majority of their classes without failure.

RocApply team expects students to apply for a student visa 3 months in advance to avoid any foreseeable complications, therefore, please contact [email protected] for more clarification and process explanation if needed.