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Shopping in Qatar

Shopping, in general, is one of the favorite past times while in Qatar, especially in the capital city Doha. The two frequently used types of markets in the country are either very big malls or the local souqs.

Qatar has too many fancy malls, quaint neighborhood convenience stores, shopping boulevards, and common open-space markets traditionally called souqs in Arabic. Every one of them represents a part of the Qatari people and lifestyle.

Different shopping malls have varying capacities and they offer a great range of products, items, goods and, services. They usually house most of the recreational outlets, restaurants, and entertainment centers.

While the local neighborhood convenience stores and open souk markets carry goods, food items, and products from within the country, the Gulf region and other parts of the world.

Souqs are very good for international students because they also carry many regional fruits and food products from different areas.

Local markets in Qatar have great value for money with an array of items from food, clothes and even perfumes.

Some of the country's popular souqs can be found in Doha and the include;

  • Souq Waqif
  • Filipino Souq
  • Souq Waqif Al Wakra

Asides food, there are many other items that students can shop for, items like clothing, accessories, gadgets and more are sold at malls and markets alike. The country is ridden with both local and foreign brands with a lengthy range of bargain discounts and sales.

Also, expect to see haggling happen between buyers and sellers, it is considered part of the complete shopping experience in Qatar.

In Qatar 1 liter of mil costs QR 7, 1kg of fruits and vegetables cost between QR 6 to QR 10, 1kg of potatoes QR 3.64 and 1 dozen eggs QR 15, Bread costs QR 4 and can typically serve two persons.

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