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 Nightlife in Qatar

Qatar offers very little if at all any nightlife, however, students looking for live music, parties or bars must head to Doha the capital city.

There is still a very long list of things to do while in Qatar, Doha is an interesting city and people who enjoy a lot quieter fun activities will definitely find Qatar to be a perfect fit.

Most of the beaches in Qatar especially Doha have free access at any given time and people can go there to relax without any pass necessary. However, in Qatar, beach clothes are discontinued after 5 pm every day.

Alcohol is not publicly sold in Qatar as a rule, but most hotels and bars are allowed to sell to tourists and visitors. Surprisingly alcohol is not sold as expensive as in the UAE. One cocktail can cost at least QR 65 upwards.

The malls in Qatar are very modern and sophisticated such that they have become one very interesting past time for Qataris and visitors also. The average visitor enjoys eating at the many beautiful food courts and restaurants while also shopping for their many needs.

Please note that there is an acceptable dress code for visiting a mall in Qatar, overly exposed outfits are highly prohibited.

The Qatar National Museum is one of the most fascinating things about the country, with visitors trooping in their thousands o catch a glimpse of this historical masterpiece.

Brunch culture is very huge in Qatar, especially on the weekends and Sunday. Many hotels and resorts have buffet-style food services that attract an array of guests. Brunch in Qatar is unique amongst friend groups and student body associations.

Clubs and bars in Qatar are primarily for tourists and visitors in the country. The music is world centered and spans across many music genres. Concerts and music events also hold largely in cities like Doha with many world artists and DJ’s taking the center stage.

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