Jobs for Students in Qatar

Student Jobs in Qatar

As a student in Qatar, there a few ways to make extra money that can be well enough to cover most if not all your living costs and then some. Many at times these part-time jobs pay handsomely that students can save properly for their tuition or part payment on their education.

Some of these part-time jobs are very skill-oriented but extremely rewarding include;

  • Tutoring: Students who are good at Mathematics, Science, English language and many other foreign languages can put their skills to good use in this aspect as a tutor. Home tutors are oftentimes in very high demand in Qatar and the salaries are usually very rewarding.
  • Music or creative skills jobs: This field is highly sought after all through Qatar. The creative dimensions in Qatar are pretty lacking and heavily reliant on foreign influence. So students with special skills in music, playing an instrument or have special skills in creativity, find that they can work and make really good money both on campus and outside.
  • Home-made jewelry and clothing design: Students who have a knack for crafty art design and clothing design have a very big niche for themselves in Qatar. They can create these custom pieces at home during their free time, once they get some visibility they will be approached by many shops and boutiques willing to partner with or even employ their services.
  • Photography: This is a very good means of generating extra money while schooling in Qatar, photography is a service sector that is currently doing numbers in Qatar. Students who do not already possess the chops can learn it and in no time start making money from their clicks.
  • The Internet: This game-changing tool has afforded many individuals a platform to air their views and make a few extra money while at it. This is the same in Qatar as many students take to blogging and capturing the essence and beauty of Qatar, much to the admiration of the world. Right now, digital marketing is very rewarding in Qatar.

To find a part-time job the following are required:

  • Have a valid residence permit
  • Check the local news dailies for information on part-time jobs
  • Contact third part job consultancies as they are now a crucial link between employers and employees.

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