Vistula University

Number of students
600€ - 2350€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
February 03, September 06
Application Deadline
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

RocApply in partnership with Vistula University is pleased to welcome all foreign students to apply to any of the university’s exceptional degree programs.

With us, all your application worries and concerns are erased, as we are a team of professionals who assist you with every single issue that concerns university admissions anywhere in the world.

We have built a system of trust and accountability over the years as we continue to expand into new frontiers.

Fill in the online application. Download the instructions HERE and attach scans of the following documents:

  • International Passport or Identity Card;
  • Secondary School-Leaving Certificate;
  • A Photo in Jpg Format (For Proof, Passport);
  • Language Proficiency Certificate (If You Have One).
  • 1st Cycle Diploma + Supplement (For Candidates for 2nd Cycle Studies);
  • Original transcripts of studies confirmed by the university and application to the Dean (for students who want to transfer from another university to undergraduate or graduate studies). You can find the application form to the Dean as your application proceeds.

Additional Requirements

  • The university has a requirement for the medical insurance for all international students which you can read about pr download here.

Make sure you submit your application, otherwise it will not be considered.

Language Requirements

At VU, B1 English language proficiency is expected for international students applying to study bachelor programs with English as their language of instruction:

  • IELTS: 5.0 or higher
  • TOEFL: IBT 63 or higher
  • TOEIC: 550 or higher

B2 English-level proficiency is expected for international students applying to study masters or postgraduate programs with English as their language of instruction

  • IELTS: 5.5 or higher
  • TOEFL: IBT 87 or higher
  • TOEIC: 700 or higher

Vistula University runs a dual degree program. Partner is Centria University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

The program is valid for undergraduate programs:

Management License, Corporate Management Specialization (Vistula University) and Bachelor of Business Administration (Centria University);

Bachelor of Computer Science (Vistula University) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Centria University).

The double major scheme gives ambitious students the chance to get a diploma from two universities in just one study program. It is also a unique opportunity to develop and test yourself in a multicultural environment, make valuable personal and professional connections, and find an attractive job.


Erasmus + is the European Union's program in the field of education, training, youth, and sport. The total budget of the program for 2014-2020 is EUR 14.7 billion. Erasmus + builds on the achievements of European educational programs that have operated over the past 25 years.

Today, the Erasmus program brings together the European Commission's initiatives from 2007-2013: Lifelong Learning, Youth in Action, Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Alfa, Edulink and cooperation programs with developed countries in the field of higher education.

VU offers its students and employees the opportunity for student and employee mobility across different parts of Europe for 3-6 months gaining and exchanging knowledge from some prominent institutions on the continent.

Student Support

At the Student Help Point, students from the two schools, Vistula University and Vistula School of Hospitality will discover help. It was made mostly for foreign students who are simply starting their studies at VU, however, all students are free to come.

At the Point, you will get pragmatic data about coordination’s, just as the functions of the college and its frameworks. You will learn, among others:

  • How to gain admittance to USOS, and how to explore (how to check the arrangement, how to compose an application to the dignitary);
  • How the Platoon stage capacities, and how to utilize it;
  • Who to contact and where to investigate explicit issues (Dean's office, Students Council, Career Office, Erasmus+)
  • When and where to discover the assistance/administrations of the college's PCP and analyst.

VU has accomplished students who are experts in all student affairs and communicate in English and Polish.

The Student Help Point works each day, on the ground floor, near Auditorium No.1, on Mondays to Fridays from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Try not to be timid in searching for help. Feel free to inquire!

Select your Degree

Application Requirements for Masters:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree

Select your field of study for Masters


Select your Master program

Tuition and Scholarships at Vistula University

Vistula University is an esteemed institution of higher learning located in Warsaw, Poland. The university stands as one of the pioneer private universities in the country and has continued to rank amongst the leading higher institutions in the region. Vistula University invites foreign students to apply to any of its unique programs taught by exceptional academicians under excellent study conditions. As a private university, VU has one of the most affordable tuition costs and offers various opportunities for its students.

The estimated tuition cost which students can expect to pay are detailed below, academic costs are dependent on the program type, program level, and the language of instruction.

Level                                        Duration                                 Tuition (per year)

Bachelor’s                                 3 years                                   €2,000 - €3,500

Engineering                             3.5 – 4 years                            €2,500 - €4,500

Master’s                                  1 – 2 year(s)                            €2,000 - €8,000

Prep School                             1 year                                      €2,800 - €3,500

Vistula School of                    2 – 3 years                               €2,000 - €3,500


Other fees such as registration fee for EU students is €120 while non-EU students pay €200 for each academic year of their programs. The registration fee also covers the qualification fee in some courses.

Please note that the above estimate is subject to changes by the university, interested students would be informed of the updated tuition costs (if any) at the time of their application.

Scholarships at VU

Vistula universities offer a rich scholarship system that will allow you to realistically reduce the cost of learning.

The Material Aid Office serves both students of the Vistula Academy of Finance and Business and the Vistula Main School of Tourism and Hotel Management (formerly the Main School of Tourism and Recreation).

You can apply for non-returnable material assistance (from the state budget) in the form of:

  • Social Scholarship,
  • Social Scholarship increased, among others due to the place of residence,
  • Rector's scholarship for academic results, sports, and artistic achievements,
  • Scholarship for people with disabilities,
  • Minister's scholarship for exceptional achievements,
  • Allowances.

Social Scholarship

The social scholarship is available to full-time and part-time students, irrespective of their age, who are enrolled in first- and second-cycle studies and are in a difficult financial situation.

The maximum monthly income per family member entitled to a social grant is PLN 1,051. A student in an exceptionally difficult financial situation may also receive a social grant in an increased amount, inter alia, when he is forced to rent a room in a student house or a flat because commuting from his place of residence to the university makes it impossible or significantly difficult to study.

Rector’s Scholarship

This type of scholarship may be awarded to a student after completing the first year of studies. The condition for obtaining the Rector's Scholarship is to obtain high average marks for the last year of studies and/or for scientific, artistic, or high sports results in an international or national competition. The Rector's Scholarship may also be applied for by a first-year undergraduate or long-cycle graduate student admitted to these studies in the year of passing the matriculation examination, who is a winner of the Olympics, finalist of the subject Olympics, or a medalist of sports competition for the title of Polish Champion in a given sport.

A first-year second-cycle student may also apply for the Rector's Scholarship based on the results from the last year of undergraduate studies. If he has previously studied at a university other than VU, it is required to attach to the application a certificate of the average grade from the previous university.

Applications for the Rector's Scholarship for the best students are submitted twice a year at the beginning of each semester according to the schedule. Rector's scholarships are awarded twice an academic year for a semester for up to 5 months.

The student is required to submit a separate application with complete documentation for each semester. The rector's scholarship may be awarded to a maximum of 10% of the best students in a specific field of study.

The Rector's scholarship for the best students may not be awarded to a student who, regardless of the average grade and achievements:

a) Repeats the year/semester of study,

b) Obtained a conditional entry or a conditional credit for the next semester/year,

c) Resumed studies after being removed from the list of students due to failing a semester or a year.

Minister’s Scholarship: The Minister's scholarship may be awarded to a student for outstanding academic or artistic achievements related to studies or outstanding achievements in sport.

Detailed rules for awarding students with the Minister's Scholarship for outstanding achievements can be found on the website:–ministra/

Procedure for submitting applications for a minister's scholarship by universities

Minister's scholarships are awarded to students at the request of the Rector of the university approved by the Faculty Council.

After obtaining the opinion, the Rector submits the student's application to the ministry along with documents confirming the achievement of outstanding achievements. If the student has presented other achievements, other than the catalog of outstanding successes, or not related to the studies, the Rector's opinion may be negative. The university rector only submits positively assessed applications to the Minister.

Applications for Minister's Scholarships are submitted by the Rector by October 15th.

All information needed to apply can be found on the website of the ministry.

A scholarship for people with disabilities may be awarded to a student on the basis of a disability, confirmed by a decision of a competent authority, with a mild, moderate, or severe disability, or an equivalent certificate.

The student should attach to his application a valid decision entitling him to a scholarship. The scholarship for disabled people may be up to 10 months, but not longer than the validity of the decision.

A student who is temporarily in a difficult financial situation can get help. The event entitling to the scholarship may be, for example, death or serious illness of a family member, natural disasters (e.g. fire, flood), or other random events.

You can apply for the aid up to two times in the academic year. A student cannot receive an allowance twice for the same event.

Undocumented or insufficiently documented applications will not be the basis for granting the allowance. The student must document the event (e.g. with a medical certificate, a certificate from a social welfare center, a court or police decision, invoices, or bills confirming the expenses incurred as a result of the situation). In justified cases, the university may request the presentation of certificates on the amount of net income in the family.

The application for assistance should be submitted immediately, but no later than 90 days from the date of the random event.

The amount of the allowance applicable in a given academic year is determined by the Rector in agreement with the university body of the student government.

The allowance is paid once typically, but due to the state of the Covid-19 pandemic, in the 2019/2020 summer semester, a student may apply for the Allowance more than twice.

Cost of living at Vistula University

150 - 300 Euro / month
250 Euro / month
Cost of living
100 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Vistula University

Established in 1992 Postgraduate programs: 6 Number of Nationalities represented: 60+
Location: Warsaw, Poland Foundation Programs: Available Exchange Program: ERASMUS+
Type:  Private Research Centers: 7  Top 3 Private university in Poland.
Undergraduate programs: 11 Student population: 5000+

Language of Instruction: Polish, English, Turkish

Master's programs: 10 Academic staff: 300+ Campus : Modern

Vistula University is an institution where you will find an atmosphere of openness, trust, and partnership, discover your abilities, and define your career plans. You will learn critical thinking and responsible leadership.

AFiB Vistula is the oldest operating non-public university in Poland. It was established in 1992 as the Higher School of Insurance and Banking. It achieved its current status through dynamic development and connection with other non-public higher education institutions. Since 2019, its branch is Akademia im. Aleksander Gieysztor in Pułtusk.

Vistula University is at the forefront of the best private universities in Poland. In the prestigious Perspektywy 2020 Ranking of Private Universities, it ranks 5th. VU is also certified by the University of Leaders.

It is an open-minded, strong, and energetic university with a multicultural and innovative approach to contemporary and future challenges. It has been a leader in internationalization for years. It educates the labor market and works closely with business and international organizations.

It conducts bachelor's, engineering, and master's studies as well as postgraduate and doctoral studies, MBA programs, and Vistula Executive Education, i.e. the practical dimension of education for managers. All courses are conducted in Polish and English, full-time and part-time, some - online.

Vistula University is one of the few in Poland with the full scope of ACCA accreditation, and the "Project Management in Organization" specialization in the Management faculty is accredited by PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC).

All courses are conducted in Polish and English.

Vistula University follows the development of Big Data, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Asia and China are of particular interest, the Confucian Class operates within the school walls.

In the modern Vistula campus, you will enjoy a unique atmosphere. From the very beginning, you will develop your potential, you will be covered by a unique Mentoring Program and you will benefit from the system of attractive scholarships.

You will receive the support that will help you integrate into the university environment and spread your wings. You will learn to manage individual potential and plan professional development.

With the help of the Career Office and through the E-Career platform, you will establish first contacts with business, and your competencies will gain strength.

You will get access to paid and unpaid internships and internships in companies from various industries, also under EU programs. You will be able to take part in the Job Fair twice a year.

During your studies, you can obtain internationally recognized certificates and licenses, take advantage of foreign student exchange programs, and deepen your passions in student clubs and clubs.

At Vistula University you will gain a degree from a recognized university that will open up global opportunities for you and prepare you for an international career.

Why Study at Vistula University


we will prepare you for work in prestigious companies.

Courses and Structure

extracurricular and online studies from around the world in Polish and English.

Academic Staff

Academic Entrepreneurship Incubator - will help you implement your plans.

Scholarships availability

Outstanding Merit Scholarships.

Mentorship Program

a support program for new students

Modern Facilities

A modern campus in a great location next to the Stokłosy metro station.

Accommodation Vistula University

On Campus Accomodation at Vistula University

Vistula Universities give all students an alternative to live in the SGGW residence. To get full data about quarters and book a room please contact [email protected]


Off Campus Accomodation at Vistula University

We additionally team up with some private inns for students. You can lease an apartment or condo, too. The convenience alternatives are accessible on:

This is a web crawler for your residence that arrives at students from everywhere the world; you don't bring about any extra expenses for leasing and booking; the equivalent, or lower cost, as expressed legitimately in the quarters is ensured; offers are checked by a certified group;

This private residence in Mokotów, the esteemed and most-loved area of Warsaw, offers space in single-room studio condos; there are likewise a few twofold rooms accessible; all rooms have exclusive expectations, are completely outfitted, have private washrooms with showers, and kitchenettes with a hob; students have, at them, a cooperating zone for hanging out and learning, just as a relax and media room, where they can unwind and coordinate; there are cable car and transport stops close by, and a metro station is near the structure;

It is an exceptional and creative task; its will likely assistance look for a position of living arrangement for understudies and students from around the globe, who pick Poland as a position of study, temporary job, or partaking in one of numerous worldwide student trade programs; it has a colossal information base concerning properties, offers the help of legal counselors and consultants, and continually extends and refreshes the offer, to meet the new necessities and developing prerequisites of customers;

This is a lodging situated in a peaceful and lofty region of Warsaw – to be specific, Ursynów; the structure is intended for 34 inhabitants; in the offer, there are 2-and 4-man rooms.

Sports at Vistula University

There is a wide scope of games and sporting activities where Vistula University students participate in sports separately or in groups.

VU has a cutting edge sports lobby (600 m2) for basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, badminton, table tennis, vigorous exercise, and tennis courts, a well-prepared rec center, and an open plaid b-ball court.

Students have ideal conditions for work out, both during actual schooling classes as well as an individual from AZS (Academic Sports Association). Right now the main and most dynamic game areas are paddling, badminton, indoor soccer, volleyball, and Wushu.

VU Academic Sports Association unites students, causes them to ace their aptitudes, and urges them to partake in healthy competitions in different orders. VU has a “hall of fame” which boasts of Olympic Games and public title competitors.

Students with unrivaled athletic capacities can undoubtedly apply for various funding availabilities as well.

Food at Vistula University

There are restaurants, cafes, and canteens in every faculty and a designated area in the university serving meals to students and staff at very affordable rates.

The dormitory on the campus and close to campus has canteens serving quality food to students and staff at a very cheap price. Similarly, students living in student dormitories can eat from the cafes and restaurants in these buildings and can also cook their food.

Seeing that Warsaw is a multi-cultural place, foreign students can choose from a wide range of food items that they are familiar with. The cost of feeding in Poland is generally law and it is estimated that a daily food starting cost could be between €10-€15.

Having a nutritious lunch and dinner in Poland is relatively cheaper when compared to other parts of Europe.

About Warsaw

The Polish capital of Warsaw lies in the central-eastern part of Poland. It stands on the Vistula River on the site of a 14th-century stronghold and trading center. Warsaw has for centuries been the center of refinement and knowledge, the city resonates with a powerful spirit of re-invention.

Today’s Warsaw has been largely shaped by two of history’s most defining events; World War 2 and the closing of the Iron Curtain. Tributes to its heroic history are dotted throughout the city, but there is a youth atmosphere as well.

With a burgeoning fashion scene, stylish shopping malls, and edgy art installations, Warsaw has opened its arms to the world.

The true heart of Warsaw is its Old Town, a stunning tribute to the city’s will to survive and rebuild. It is the capital and largest city of Poland, a major international tourist destination, and a significant cultural, political, and economic hub.

This amazing city is full of contrasts and surprises. It will inspire you. Warsaw is easily accessible by convenient international plane and train connections and a motorway network.

Warsaw offers accommodation for all budgets – from exclusive apartments to youth hostels. Vistula Group of Universities does not have its dormitories but it cooperates with student hostels.

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