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Cracow University of Technology

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December 01, July 17
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RocApply’s goal since its inception is to assist candidates from all around the world to find the country or university that best suits them. With university partners in over 100 countries worldwide, we believe that pursuing education abroad is a very advantageous start to one's future career. The many possibilities in a new location and the opportunities to explore, grow, and experience new things, are as thrilling as it sounds. Poland is a fast-rising study abroad destination thanks to its educational reform that has restructured its educational system must to the admiration of the world. The Cracow University of Technology has been the flagbearers of this development for many years and counting.

The application procedure at CUT is very standard and direct and candidates who meet the requirements are almost guaranteed a place at the university.

Application procedure for undergraduates

  • Register online through our application system
  • Submit the qualification declaration and upload copies of all relevant academic documents
  • Pay the application fee
  • The university receives the application and verifies the documents
  • Initial qualification assessment of the candidates
  • Accepted candidates receive offer letters and acceptance invitation
  • Qualified candidates now declare their program of interest
  • Qualified accepted students can forge on to register at their desired programs.

Application procedure for graduate students

  • Register online through our application system
  • Submit the qualification declaration and upload copies of all relevant academic documents
  • Pay the application fee
  • Applicants must pass a compulsory entrance test online
  • Initial qualification assessment of the candidate
  • Accepted candidates receive an offer letter and acceptance invitation
  • Qualified accepted students can forge on to register at their desired programs.

Required documents for admission

For undergraduate:

  • Copy of high school certificate or diploma, authenticated, and eligible for admission in the country where it was obtained.
  • Copy of academic transcripts of results showing grades obtained in the final senior year of secondary studies.
  • Copy of language proficiency results proving the applicant’s knowledge of their proposed language of study (Polish or English)
  • Copy of international passport data page
  • Passport photograph (scanned) with detail such as white background and smart dressing.
  • Additional documentation might be required by the university for specific programs or departments, in that event, the applicant will be informed accordingly. Lastly, all documents must be translated into Polish or English if obtained in a different foreign language.

For graduates and post-graduates

  • Copy of bachelor’s degree or diploma, authenticated, and eligible for admission in the country where it was obtained.
  • Copy of academic transcripts of results showing courses taken and the grades received in the previous cycle of education acknowledged by the institution where the student graduated.
  • Copy of international passport data page
  • Passport photograph (scanned) with detail such as white background and smart dressing.
  • Additional documentation might be required by the university for specific programs or departments, in that event, the applicant will be informed accordingly. Lastly, all documents must be translated into Polish or English if obtained in a different foreign language.

Select your Degree

Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Language Documents (Where Applicable)

Select your field of study for Bachelors


Select your Bachelor program

Cracow University of Technology in Rankings

  • Shanghai Ranking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2019 and 2020 – Mechanical Engineering (#301 – 400)
  • THE World University Rankings 2021 (#1001+)
  • QS World University Rankings:
  • 2021 QS World University Ranking (#801-1000)
  • 2020 Emerging Europe and Central Asia University Rankings (#79)
  • UI GreenMetric World University Ranking 2018 (#572)

Tuition and Scholarships at Cracow University of Technology

The biggest advantage of Cracow University of Technology (CUT) is in its almost 80-year-old tradition of educating engineers, modernity and openness to change the world as well as the hard work they put into the improvement of the Polish scientific and technical thought.

Thanks to them, the university has won a strong position in education in Poland and is a well-established brand. The institution is committed to ensuring that all its graduates represent a high level of expertise as well as the highest ethical standards to build successful careers.

As a government-owned institution of learning, CUT’s tuition fee is very affordable for local and international students alike. Tuition costs vary between programs and are paid on a semester basis.

Tuition also follows the line of instruction, as English-taught programs are different from Polish-taught programs, hence the fees are different. Foreign students are allowed to pursue programs taught in Polish as long as they can prove sufficient levels of proficiency in Polish or they can complete a one-year language school before they begin their studies at the university.

The Tuition Fee Breakdown for International Students (per semester)

Undergraduate Programs in English                           -           €1,725 - €2,000

Graduate/Postgraduate Programs in English              -           €1,750 - €2,200


The university understands that pursuing a university degree can be expensive, that is why it has several scholarship schemes designed to assist international students in financing their education. A scholarship is a financial aid provided to students and is either merit-based for excellent students in academics or extracurriculars, or need-based for students with economic challenges. Also, many specific scholarships are given out according to many such student-specific factors.

The Minister’s Scholarships for Students

The minister's scholarship for significant achievements for the academic year may be awarded to a student who completed the year of study in the same academic year and will be enrolled in the next year of study, who has demonstrated:

  • significant scientific achievements,
  • or significant artistic achievements related to studies,
  • or significant sports achievements,

A student studying several fields of study at the same time may receive a scholarship in only one field of study he or she chooses. The minister's scholarship is available for first-cycle, second-cycle and long-cycle studies.

Own Scholarship Fund

The scholarship program is aimed at academically active students and doctoral students of the Cracow University of Technology. Scholarships are paid from the University's Own Scholarship Fund, created by a write-off in the costs of activities in the field of education and scientific activity, as well as contributions from natural and legal persons, allocated for this purpose.

It will be possible to apply for financial support twice a year, and the basis will be the notification of a maximum of two significant achievements, as referred to in the Regulations.

Applications should be submitted to the dean's offices of faculties/secretariat of the doctoral school in two recruitments:

  • winter recruitment, no later than January 15,
  • summer recruitment, no later than May 15.

The scholarship is awarded for a period of six months based on separate ranking lists prepared for students and doctoral students, respectively.

Cost of living at Cracow University of Technology

150 - 300 Euro / month
350 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
40 - 60 Euro / month

About Cracow University of Technology

Over 75 years of tradition of educating the country's engineering staff, persistent work on improving Polish science and technology as well as modernity and openness to change - are the greatest assets of the Cracow University of Technology. Thanks to them, the university - operating in such a competitive academic center as Kraków - has gained a strong position and consolidated the brand that is best described by the word solidity.

The institution prides itself on being able to provide students with the most durable capital in the labour market – knowledge. Almost 100,000 people have studied and graduated from the walls of the University of Technology.

The university’s alumni are a huge group of engineers and master engineers who are well prepared to work in the profession. The focus is on the quality of education, giving students the most durable and valuable capital with which they enter the labour market - knowledge.

Currently, the university educates 14,000 full-time and part-time 1st and 2nd-degree students as well as doctoral and postgraduate students. The educational offer of the University of Technology includes 33 first and second cycle programs in Polish at 8 faculties and 8 fields of study in English at 6 faculties. Such a large selection means a variety of intellectual searches and solving ambitious tasks under the supervision of qualified scientific staff.

Many of the nearly 1,100 research and teaching staff are outstanding specialists, participating in the work of inter-university and international research teams. Their knowledge and competencies allow our university to maintain an appropriate position in Poland and the international scientific environment.

Under bilateral agreements and the "Erasmus+" program, the Cracow University of Technology conducts scientific cooperation and student exchange with several hundred universities in 54 countries around the world.

The university patronizes many cultural undertakings of Krakow and supports the functioning of the Dependent Theater and the Academic Choir "Cantata" and the Krakow Staromiejska Orchestra operating under its patronage.

CUT also organizes many exhibitions in its galleries "Gil", "Kotłownia" and departmental galleries. The University of Technology publishes its magazine, runs an internet radio, and has its library and publishing house.

Students can develop and deepen their interests in 82 research clubs, whose activities often go beyond the walls of the university. They have the opportunity to develop their sports passions within the Academic Sports Association and the Sports and Recreation Center. The university offers students accommodation in four dormitories with over 2,000. places.


Campus Resources

In the campus area, there is a clinic, sports halls, a swimming pool, a bank, a post office, clubs, radio stations, shopping centers, and a kindergarten for kids. To increase the safety of students on campus, the university has a constant monitoring system in the whole area. For many years, CUT has been co-operating with the local police in Kraków and since 2007 the university has had the Safety Promoting University Certificate, granted by the local post guard police chief.

Recreational and Developmental Resources

The intellectual progress of CUT’s students is followed by cultural and recreational development. Numerous organizations and associations n CUT helps students to continue their present interests as well as discover new ones.

There are many activities on offer, artistic and tourist organizations, cycling, sailing, diving, speleology, and student clubs and associations. There are also student-organized faculty events and expeditions, balls, and the popular “Juwenelia” a yearly student event that is attended by everyone in the city.

Similarly, there are more than a hundred scientific circles that develop students' interests and the university is disabled-student friendly. CUT is equipped with not just adapted lifts or drives but also with a specially designed hostel for students using wheelchairs.

There are also rooms for deaf and hard of hearing students with a special light signalling system instead of the doorbell. Students can also count on the help of a sign language interpreter. Disabled students at CUT enjoy the many opportunities that they can enjoy with other students, they participate in a range of sports activities such as fencing, basketball, and other sports.

Why Study at Cracow University of Technology

Cultivate your creativity

Located in Krakow. At Cracow University of Technology, teaching and academics are combined with creative research and supplemented with the ability to solve problems creatively on a broader scale.

Courses and Structure

The teachers here are essentially tasked with ensuring that their graduates do not only have the theoretical approach but also a practical approach for their career choice. The teachers are highly skilled professionals and they offer courses which are of utmost importance to the students.

Academic Staff

The academic staff are composed of leading teachers and professionals in their respective fields. Academic staff are made up of professors, professionals, and experts in their respective fields. Additionally, serious attention is paid to the academic development of students, to this effect, seminars, excursions, field trips, webinars and other programs to improve student abilities are usually organized by the university. Thanks to the excellent teaching staff, the university constantly ranks at the top of Poland's most important universities.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from this institution are widely employed in their areas of specialization since they are already groomed for the career world by the university. Similarly, the university has an office dedicated to introducing students to companies and other firms for employment purposes. This office prepares students for interviews, job ethics and organizes job and internet placement. Additionally, the university organizes a work fair for students every year.


The university combines an innovative approach to its learning process. In this regard, world standard facilities and equipment are used in every part of the university. The lecture rooms, laboratories, offices and every building on campus are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to make the learning process less tedious, more efficient and readily available.


Since research is a strong forte of this institution, equipment needed to conduct efficient research is readily available. The library is of an ultra-modern standard with over 80,000 books and these books are equally available online in the university's database. Hence, students can reach the library sources from anywhere.

Accommodation Cracow University of Technology

On Campus Accomodation at Cracow University of Technology

CUT’s campus which is considered the largest in Poland cares for the comfort and safety of its students. There are 9,000 vacancies which guarantee accommodation for its students. The rooms are very spacious and well-serviced much to the admiration of students each year.

There are single and double rooms for students, depending on their budgets or requests. The rooms come furnished with large beds, AC, refrigerator, room heater, study table and chair, wardrobe, and a balcony. The rooms are also ensuite with a bathroom.

Campus accommodation is paid separately upon arrival for international students but must be reserved as soon as they receive their acceptance offers. The cost of a room on camps ranges between €100 to €120 per month and it is inclusive of utilities such as water, electricity, and Wi-Fi.

There are common rooms for recreation, laundry rooms for washing and drying, and even study rooms for quiet and private studying. The huge number of rooms equally enables the university to provide hotel services for tourists.

Off Campus Accomodation at Cracow University of Technology

Kraków is a cosmopolitan city in Poland, students who desire more adventure seek to live within the heart and vibrancy of the city. Now although, the general cost of living is quite affordable for many students, please bear in mind that private accommodation consumes a large portion of the total cost.

There are different apartments to rent, from studio flats to three-bedroom apartments. The prices vary owing to different factors such as proximity to the city centre, access to major areas and bus stops and metros, and the luxury facilities the accommodation provides.

In many cases, the rental cost of the apartment is inclusive of utilities (water, electricity, internet, heating) but in some cases they are not, it is important to explicitly ask the house owner relevant questions before signing the rental contract.

Likewise, other private housing options exist such as private hostels and dormitories, these range from mid-range to luxurious types and are located in university areas for easy access to different transport services in Kraków.

Please note that rent is paid every month and a security deposit is paid at the beginning of the contract.

Sports at Cracow University of Technology

Sports and extracurriculars are brilliant means for all-around student development and CUT promptly recognizes this. The university has prioritized its sports features much to the admiration of the country.

There is a modern sports complex that houses various sports halls, a gym, and many other sports facilities. These halls include courts for volleyball, basketball, and badminton, with other athletic rooms for yoga, aerobics, spin cycling, and indoor sports like table tennis and swimming.

The university has built an Olympic standard swimming pool for both training and relaxing purposes for students and staff. Students on campus can participate in sports activities such as football, rugby, and baseball, in their various fields and pitches within the campus. Significantly, the CUT Sports Club is the most renowned student sports club in Kraków and is respected in different university circles in Poland as one of the most awarded in the country.

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