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Collegium Civitas is a growing university (founded in 1997) located in the center of Warsaw, the capital of Poland (a member of the European Union). Despite its age, it has earned a worthy reputation as a unique place to study social science and English. In Central and Eastern Europe, it is nothing more than when it comes to the form and quality of teaching and programs offered in English.

First-Cycle Admissions Procedure

In addition to the Polish matriculation exam Matura, CC accepts a wide variety of qualifications, including GCE A-levels, IB, and EB for entry to our courses.

Grades obtained as a result of the Matura, International Baccalaureate, or other secondary school-leaving certificate will be converted into qualifying points.

Candidates with Polish Matura:

Admission is based on the results of the Matura in three written subjects chosen by the candidate. Candidates who have reached the minimum level of 145 points will be admitted to Bachelor studies.

Grades obtained as a result of a foreign secondary school-leaving certificate are also converted into qualifying points. Generally, candidates are accepted with an overall qualification of at least 60%.

English language entry requirements

You will need to demonstrate an adequate level of English that will enable you to benefit fully from your course. Candidates should send a certificate of English proficiency, unless they have finished their education in English. Medium of Instruction letter (sample) from the awarding institution needs to be sent. This confirms that the qualification was taught in English. Candidates without an MOI letter should send a certificate of English proficiency. English language test results in exams such as TOEFL, and IELTS, are accepted.

Second-Cycle Admission Requirements

The university accepts Bachelor's degrees from recognized Universities. You will usually be required to attain the required grades, which depends on your grading scale. Generally, candidates with an overall qualification of at least 60% or Second Class Honors are accepted. However, the minimum overall percentage may vary depending on the departments or grading scale.

English language entry requirements

Candidates should send a certificate of English proficiency unless they have finished their education in English. Medium of Instruction letter (sample) from the awarding institution needs to be sent. This confirms that the qualification was taught in English. Candidates without an MOI letter must send a certificate of English proficiency. English language test results in exams such as TOEFL, and IELTS, are accepted.

Select your Degree

Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Language Documents (Where Applicable)

Select your field of study for Bachelors


Select your Bachelor program

Application Requirements for Masters:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree

Select your field of study for Masters


Select your Master program

Tuition and Scholarships at Collegium Civitas

This university offers 20 specializations prepared and conducted according to world standards at full-time first-cycle (undergraduate) studies and full-time second cycle (postgraduate) studies conducted in Polish and English.

Bachelor's studies prepare for entering the labour market and provide a solid basis for continuing education for master's studies. And in the second degree (supplementary master's) studies in Polish and English, they offer 13 specializations prepared and conducted according to world standards.

There are academic fees that every student must pay which include tuition fee and recruitment fee (application fee), both fees are paid in the local Polish złoty (PLN) that is used in Poland. Other external fees and expenses are handled separately by the student, and the tuition fee must be paid at the beginning of a new semester. The university also supports its students by introducing a 5-time tuition payment installment plan every semester. This plan is open to both local and international students.

The tuition fee varies per the program and the study level, but students can expect to pay;

For first-cycle studies, the fee is PLN 6,200 per semester

For second-cycle studies, the fee ranges from PLN 6,350 to PLN 6,700 per semester depending on the program.

Other postgraduate and training courses typically range from PLN 4,000 to PLN 6,000 per semester depending on the program.

Scholarship Opportunities

The university offers an extensive scholarship system that will allow you to realistically reduce the cost of learning. You can apply for financial aid from the funds allocated for this purpose in the state budget. Under the material assistance system, a student may apply for benefits in the form of:

Minister's Scholarships for Outstanding Achievements

The scholarship for a given academic year may be awarded to a student who completed the year of studies in the previous academic year and was particularly distinguished in science, obtaining in the last completed year the arithmetic mean of grades for exams and credits provided for in the study plan, classifying the student in the group of 5% of the best students of a given field. Also, this scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding scientific, artistic, or sports achievements during the period of studies in a given field of study.

Rector's Scholarships for the Best Students (Awarded Per Semester)

The Rector's scholarship for the best students may be awarded to a student who has obtained:

  • A high-grade average for the last two semesters, amounting to at least 4.5, with the proviso that in each semester the average cannot be lower than 4.2;
  • High sports results in international or national competition;
  • Scientific and artistic achievements.

Social Scholarships (Awarded For the Academic Year)

Social scholarships are intended for full-time and part-time students in a difficult financial situation (the average monthly income per person in the student's family does not exceed PLN 1071.50 net).

A full-time student in a difficult financial situation may receive an increased social scholarship for living in a dormitory or a facility other than a dormitory if daily commuting from the place of residence to the university would make it impossible or significantly difficult to study.

Special Scholarships for People with Disabilities (Awarded For the Academic Year)

Any student with a disability confirmed by a decision of a competent authority may apply for a special scholarship for people with disabilities.

Student Grants

A need-based student grant is awarded to students, this allowance may be granted to a student who, for random reasons, finds themselves temporarily in a difficult financial situation.

Cost of living at Collegium Civitas

100 - 250 Euro / month
350 Euro / month
Cost of living
100 - 150 Euro / month
40 Euro / month

About Collegium Civitas

Collegium Civitas - discover the magic of studying!

In the very heart of Warsaw, on the 12th floor of the Palace of Culture and Science, Collegium Civitas, a modern university with an established position on the educational market, is located. What makes this institution stand out,

First of all, a practical approach to education appreciated, among others, by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, unique on a national scale specially created in cooperation with employers and a high level of internationalization.

Classes are conducted by world-class experts, specialists in management, administration, diplomacy, and media. Students get the chance to build a unique teacher-student relationship and study comfortably as most classes are held in small groups.

The university has over 100+ international agreements and partnerships with foreign universities (double diplomas), including cooperation with many entities from the business environment, administration, media, and non-governmental organizations that open up broad career prospects for Collegium Civitas graduates on the local and international market.

The university offers modern, in terms of academia and market,  study programs conducted in  Polish  and  English (over 70 specializations in four first and second-degree programs and over 30 postgraduate programs) and bilingual studies: Polish-English (15 specializations) in six study areas:

  1. Journalism And New Media
  2. Management And Marketing
  3. Psychology And Coaching
  4. Information Security And Analysis
  5. International Relations And Diplomacy
  6. Sociology, Culture, Art

Bachelor's and master's studies at Collegium Civitas (over 70 specializations) are conducted within 4 fields of study:

  • Management (first-cycle studies, second-cycle studies)
  • Sociology (first-cycle and second-cycle studies)
  • International Relations (first-cycle and second-cycle studies)
  • Journalism and new media (1st cycle studies)

Postgraduate studies - including online MBA, Ph.D., courses, training

The university currently offers 30 postgraduate courses. Every year, Collegium Civitas updates its offers by examining the dynamically changing needs of employees, changes in the labor market, current, and future socio-economic challenges as well as new technologies and development trends. The institution also offers postgraduate MBA General Management studies conducted entirely online, in English.

The educational offer also includes the possibility of obtaining a doctorate, participation in courses and workshops as well as classes at the University of the Third Age and Children’s Collegium. All classes are held at the Collegium Civitas headquarters in the Palace of Culture and Science (7th-12th floor), and foreign language courses at Profi Lingua laboratories.



Nestled in a convenient location in the very center of Warsaw - Palace of Culture and Science – making your time and travel options to the University really comfortable. Classes are held on several floors of the Palace, with the exception of language classes, which are conducted in specialized laboratories of the EMPIK Language School. The Collegium Civitas Rector's Office is located on the 12th floor, the lecture halls are located on the 8th to 12th floors.

In the Palace of Culture and Science, you can take advantage of the rich offer of restaurants, bars, convenience stores, cafes, and after classes - even theaters and cinemas

Why Study at Collegium Civitas

Highly Ranked university

CC has ranked both 1st place for the field of sociology and 4th place for the field of international relations according to the ranking "Perspektywy" 2021

You gain practical knowledge from mentors with international experience

At Collegium Civitas, you will meet lecturers with international experience gained in diplomacy, renowned public institutions and administration, companies, and the media.

At the university students have individual contact with their lecturers

CC gives you the possibility of individual contact with outstanding lecturers who respond quickly and flexibly to your changing needs and expectations. You can also freely shape your future career path in a friendly environment as classes are conducted in small groups, you can be sure that you will always receive an answer to your questions.

You participate in activities that support your professional development

A significant part of the classes in all faculties has a practical dimension and is carried out in the form of workshops. During the course, you will prepare business plans, presentations, conduct negotiations, present hypotheses, conduct research, and independent projects Classes are conducted with the use of innovative teaching methods, such as art-coaching, strategic games, and Oxford debates

The University’s location in the center of Warsaw and high comfort of studying

The excellent location of the university in the very center of Warsaw - in the Palace of Culture and Science (VII-XII floor) - makes access to classes convenient and fast In addition, on the premises of the facility you can use the rich offer of restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, and after classes, go to the cinema, to an exhibition or a theater performance.

You get to study in an international environment

During your studies, you will meet colleagues from nearly 60 countries, and you can choose from 35 study programs in English and bilingual (Polish-English). There is also the international exchange program under the Erasmus+ concept – where students can travel to over 70 partner universities across Europe.

Accommodation Collegium Civitas

On Campus Accomodation at Collegium Civitas

The Collegium Civitas is housed in the Palace of Culture and Science, a major venue in a thriving city. Wherever you are in Warsaw, you will not stay away from us. Collegium Civitas does not offer accommodation on campus, but finding suitable accommodation in Warsaw is not a problem.


Off Campus Accomodation at Collegium Civitas

When it comes to accommodation in Warsaw, there are many options to consider depending on your lifestyle, needs, and financial situation. Rent prices for private dormitories, apartments, and housing facilities typically range from PLN 550 to PLN 1050 for a specified duration.

The rooms are usually one-bedroom, two-person sharing, or three-bedroom apartment spaces. All student dormitories, apartments, and facilities come fully furnished and students have at their disposal fully equipped rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Wi-Fi is also always available throughout the building.

About Warsaw

Warsaw is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with a lot of things worth seeing, it is here that concerts of famous stars, film screenings, matches, events, various industry fairs take place - you can certainly expand your horizons in your free time!

There are many pubs and student clubs in Warsaw where you can meet famous DJs from all over the world and dance to your favorite music.

Warsaw is the largest city in Poland and at the same time the seat of many companies and international institutions, which increases your chances of finding your dream job.

In the streets of the city, you will meet colleagues who speak different languages, so you will have the opportunity to improve your language skills.

A wide selection of shopping malls and shops open until late evening hours will allow you to stock up on the essentials of life.

If you prefer eating out, you can take advantage of the rich offers of restaurants and bars that offer tasty snacks at affordable prices.

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