College Of Economics And Computer Science

Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomii i Informatyki w Krakowie

College Of Economics And Computer Science

Number of students
1200€ - 1340€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
February 03, September 02
Application Deadline
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

Foreign students can apply to any of the bachelor degree programs available. The tuition is widely dependent on the level and kind of program and upon completion of these programs, a degree as well as other certificates from worldwide professional bodies.

A general overview of the annual tuition for the 2020/2021 academic year is as follows:

The undergraduate program in Computer Science: starts at €2,500. The tuition includes;

The tuition includes:

1 voucher per semester for Microsoft exams (MOS or MTA), free of charge. Office365, free of charge
Exams (incl. make-up exams), and the final thesis defense.
Additional exam vouchers contingent on selected expert modules (e.g. Dynamics 365 for Sales) All software used as part of the courses’ syllabi, free of charge.
Access to learning platform as well as class materials made available on the platform for enrolled students.

The undergraduate program in Business Administration: starts from €2,200. The tuition includes;

1 voucher per semester for Microsoft exams (MOS or MTA), free of charge. A package of 3 Microsoft courses preparing for professional certification (MCP path) in the field of programming and testing applications (as part of the program curriculum).
Office365, free of charge and Access to learning platform as well as class materials made available on the platform for enrolled students.
A package of 4 Microsoft courses preparing for MOS and MTA certificates (as part of the program curriculum). 30% discount for MCSA, MCSE, MCSD examinations.
All software used as part of the courses’ syllabi, free of charge.

Application and Requirements at WSEI

Apply now using RocApply. Our online application system is designed to make the application process seem easy, very comprehensive and navigable for all applicants. Our admission team is always present to answer all your questions, accept and process all your admission applications with the utmost professionalism. It is important to note that application via RocApply is FREE. There is no charge whatsoever.

Application Procedure:

  • 1. Fill and complete an online application form via RocApply
  • 2. Scan and upload all the necessary documents that are required.
  • 3. An entrance examination is usually conducted to test applicants relating to their field of study.
  • 4. Upon completion of the exams, successful candidates will be contacted to continues registration into their various departments.

Required Documents:

  • 1. The online application form completed on RocApply
  • 2. All acquired academic certificates or diplomas, copies must be certified and notarized by the appropriate body.
  • 3. Academic transcripts for graduate and post-graduate applicants and transfer students.
  • 4. A valid international passport or travel I.D.
  • 5. Health certificate
  • 6. Four recent passport photographs (3 X 4 cm)
  • 7. Excellent knowledge of English is required and must be proven.

Select your Degree

Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Language Documents (Where Applicable)

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College Of Economics And Computer Science in Rankings

  • 1001+ (World University ranking)
  • Among the best universities of Economics in Poland
  • Officially an accredited institute of higher education in Poland

Cost of living at College Of Economics And Computer Science

150 - 300 Euro / month
250 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About College Of Economics And Computer Science

Established in 2000 Type: Private Student population: 2000+
Alias: WSEI Faculties: 2 Academic staff: 150+
Location: Krakow, Poland Bachelor programs: Below 10 Ranking: 1001+ (World University ranking)
Location: Sometimes referred to as Crakow Among the best universities of Economics in Poland
Officially an accredited institute of higher education in Poland

Founded in 2000 by an initiative of consulting and training institute limited, WSEI became quickly known as one of the most prestigious private institutions of economics in Poland. Due to its program specialization, WSEI has managed to establish its name as one of the prominent research institutions in Poland. This specialization has prepared the graduates for the career world in the field of economics and computer science, similarly, WSEI has an overall high ranking in Poland.

In addition to building an effective course structure and supporting student participation, the institution has a solid international reputation. As professed by the university, its mission and values include

  • Adding professional and work values to the student, thus, preparing graduates for the career world in their hiring offices.
  • Building entrepreneurs and forming independent and innovative graduates.

WSEI believes in student development and preparedness for the career world, therefore, the institution is in numerous agreements with multiple companies and professional certifying bodies around the world.

WSEI aims to be a leading force in research, innovation, and economics, and to this effect, the institution continues to break boundaries through their research. The degrees awarded are internationally accepted and there is a huge influx of successful students graduating from WSEI.

Similarly, the high standard of education has attracted students from all over the world.

WSEI combines an innovative approach to its learning process. In this regard, standard facilities and equipment are used in every part of the university. The lecture rooms, laboratories, offices and every building on campus are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to make the learning process easier, more efficient and readily available.

Since research is a strong forte of this institution, equipment needed to conduct efficient research is readily available. The library is of an ultra-modern standard with a database that can only be accessed when using the college’s internet.

Student Life at the College Of Economics And Computer Science in Poland

Student life at WSEI is a perfect blend of academic, research and social activities. It encompasses student clubs and associations together with various cultural and educational events held per semester or annually. Similarly, Krakow makes student life even more alluring due to its multi-cultural nature, beautiful places and low cost of living.

Social events and festivities: social programs and events are conducted for students. Events based on topics such as academics, university life, residency and registration procedure are held occasionally. Due to the international nature of the institution, cultural shows are organized monthly to celebrate the culture and tradition of local and international students.

Additionally, various clubs according to the student's preference and need can be formed. Being a very diverse university, clubs present in the university cuts across academics to a different genre of music, arts, and career. The school encourages frequent club activities on campus which are beneficial to every student. Career fairs and educational tours are organized by the university for students to visit parts of Poland and to see giant companies they may be interested in.

Medical Care: All international students possessing a residency permit (students staying over 6 months) must join the “National Health Insurance”. By joining this insurance plan, the personal burden of medical expenses is significantly reduced. When seeking medical care, please be certain to carry the residence card.

Why Study at College Of Economics And Computer Science


Located in Krakow the capital city of Poland, Krakow is easily recognized as the center for economics, arts, and research. Krakow is an advanced society that is constantly evolving both in industry and inclusion of various cultures. Industries in Krakow are also highly sophisticated and in most cases employ international students living in Krakow. It is seen as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

Courses & Structure

The teachers provide the graduate with intense practical knowledge in the field of economics and computer science, which will serve as a career boost for the students. The teachers are highly skilled professionals and they offer courses which are of utmost importance to the students. Research is of serious importance and from the courses taught, students are usually established in their field of study even before graduation.

Academic Staff

The academic staff is composed of leading teachers and professionals in their respective fields. Academic staff is made up of professors, professionals, and experts in the field of computer science and economics. Additionally, students are encouraged to attend seminars, webinars, internships, conferences, international academic events, and other programs to improve their abilities and expose them to the working environment and to learn first-hand from the professionals.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from this institution are easily employed in their areas of specialization having received ample training in both practical and theory. Similarly, the college through its collaboration with numerous agencies and firms encourages students to work in their partner companies as full-time workers, part-time or even internship. Additionally, the university organizes a work fair for students every year and in these fairs, they have the chance to showcase their skills to the hiring companies.

Accommodation College Of Economics And Computer Science

On Campus Accomodation at College Of Economics And Computer Science

Although they are no on-campus dorms for students, the university maintains close contacts with student dorm owners and other housing agencies to provide accommodation for students, hence, they provide the best prices to students. The international student department is in charge of dorm allocation to students.

The range of available accommodation varies greatly, but all satisfy specific standards and are located within a short distance from the campuses. Some options include Krakov flats, Pepe Housing, Hamilton Way, and others.

The student dorms all consist of a shared reception, single rooms with all the basic facilities making a comfortable student home. There are gyms in these dormitories as well as constant security. For all the houses, the amount paid per month is inclusive of utility bills.

Off Campus Accomodation at College Of Economics And Computer Science

Some students choose to reside in accommodations outside the university campus where there are many private houses and apartments according to student budgets.

The expense of leasing off-campus apartments changes from area to area in proximity to the city center and they have different conditions for rent. Commonly, the cost of renting an apartment a month usually starts from €150.

Renting an apartment out off-campus would mean utility bills shall be covered by the student separate from the rent unless stated otherwise in the contract. However, the cost of living in Krakow is relatively low compared to other parts of Europe.

Sports at College Of Economics And Computer Science

The university grows a strong sports department with numerous kinds of sporting activities. The sports department offers to students a wide range of sporting activities for enhancing their physical health and abilities.

Some of the numerous sporting activities organized here football, volleyball, tennis, etc. Sporting events are sometimes organized on campus to promote student participation.

Food at College Of Economics And Computer Science

There are restaurants, cafes, and canteens on campus serving meals to students and staff at very affordable rates. The student dormitories off- campus also has facilities for serving buffet-style food to students at a highly subsidized rate, similarly, students can cook their food if they desire.

Judging from the international nature of Krakow, foreign students can choose from a wide range of food items that they are familiar with. The cost of feeding in Poland is generally law and it is estimated that a daily food starting cost could be between €10-€15.

Having a nutritious lunch and dinner in Poland is relatively cheaper when compared to other parts of Europe.

Transportation at College Of Economics And Computer Science

Krakow being one of the major cities in Poland has a very comprehensive transportation system composed of different means of transportation. Public transport within the city includes trains, trams, buses, cabs, commuter rail and other Transportation around the town to the university is very cheap and very comfortable. A day’s cost for transportation in Krakow starts from around €4.

Student dormitories are usually of walking distance to the campus, thus, reducing the cost of transportation to the college. The student transport card is on a fixed 50% discount. Thus, a student pays half of the price while using public transport services.

About Cracow

Krakow is a city in the Southern part of Poland which is one of the oldest cities and the second-largest city in Poland. Serving as the capital city of Poland until the 16th century, Krakow is the center of civilization, academic life and political history in Poland. Krakow has a population of almost 800,000 people.

As one of the major cities in Poland, it contributes to the growth of the country’s economy and tourism. The standard of living in Krakow is very high compared to other European cities and the city is filled with historic monuments, museums, and heritage sites.

There is a huge concentration of industries and factories in Krakow as well as some of the best higher institutions in Poland. The people are peaceful, tolerant and multi-cultural. Krakow is a must-visit by tourists due to its breathtaking landscape, ancient city design, serene atmosphere and its low cost of living

Apply to study at WSEI on RocApply and enjoy the beautiful city of Krakow.

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