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Scholarships in Poland 

Public university education in Poland is free for citizens from Poland, however, international students get to pay tuition fees but the fees are very affordable compared to European standards. Fees cost €2,000 for bachelor’s and master’s programs and €3,000 for doctoral and specialized programs in technology.

Private universities in Poland have really good standards and the average academic costs of €40,000 for one academic session. Public universities are open to many international students, and many scholarship opportunities are available and accessible to all students. Some popular scholarship and funding options in Poland include;

Poland government scholarships for international students:

Poland scholarships by the government for international students from countries that have diplomatic relations with the country. Presently, the government of Poland offers scholarships to citizens from countries like Kenya, Somalia, Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles, Tanzania, Burundi, and a few others. This scholarship covers only their tuition in any chosen public university in the country.

The government of Poland also offers funds to students from third world countries through their public-sourced education funding schemes. These funds come in the form of tuition waivers and monthly stipends. Students can find out about their eligibility from the student services division of their respective institutions.

Lazarski University Foundation Scholarships and Grants:

The university awards outstanding students in academics, social activities and leadership skills. This funding comes in the form of tuition waivers, research grants and education funding for both returning students and prospective students. Bachelor’s and master’s students from different fields can they do not necessarily have to be present in Poland to apply for this funding.

The Prime Ministers Scholarship:

This scholarship opportunity is available at the University of Warsaw in Poland. It comes in the form of studentships for a duration of one year for any course of study. The scholarship was originally designed for only Polish students but more recently has extended to students from other countries.

ULAM International Program:

This scholarship is reserved for students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and medicine). The scholarship is governed by the National Agency For Academic Exchange in Poland.

This scheme was designed to best foster international relations in the advancement of modern science and research. Foreign students from all over the globe who wish to pursue a degree in science and research are eligible for this scholarship. The scholarship covers the students’ tuition in any public institution and a monthly stipend for their living expenses.

Doctorate Funding in Poland designed for only Ph.D. students from other countries include;

  • University of Warsaw’s CNBCH Doctoral Funding
  • University of Warsaw’s NSC Doctoral Funding for Physics

Studentships, research assistantships, EU scholarship schemes, teaching assistantships are available to post-graduate students from any country and with several institutions in Poland. These spots are limited and only awarded on the needs of the department. These studentships come with tuition waivers and monthly stipends. Students work as lecturing assistants in their respective departments.

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