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Shopping in Poland for Students

As a new student in Poland, we understand that things can be a bit different and it might take a short time to get a hang of things. We have put together relevant information that would help make the integration into your new environment quite seamless.

Looking to shop in Poland as a foreign student in Poland? Then there are a few Polish words and phrases you should be acquainted with and they include;

  • ‘Ile to kosztuje ?’ which means how much does it cost in Polish
  • The word ‘to’ can be substituted for the name of a product for example ;
  • ‘Ile kosztuje woda’ which means how much is the cost of water?

Other words and phrases include;

  • ‘Czy jest sukier/woda’ which means do you have or is (name of item) available in the store?
  • ‘Wyprzedaź/Promocja’ which means sale or promotions
  • ‘Otwarte/Zamkniete’ which means open or closed
  • ‘Reklamówka’ which means shopping bags.

Popular supermarket chains that are distributed in the country include popular European names like Lidl, Carrefour, Tesco, Leclerc, Tesco, and Netto. There are also Polish supermarket outlets spread across the country, they include Społem, Groszek, Stokortka, Bierdronka, Źabka and many others.

We have already established that for students and many foreigners, Poland is a country where prices are lower compared to many other countries in Europe.

Water sells for 2 zł, Cigarettes are significantly cheaper in Poland and only costs 15 zł. Other times like Beer only costs 3 zł, 1 gram of potatoes cost 3 zł, non-alcoholic beverages cost about 3 to 5 zł.

Students can budget about €100 to €150 for shopping expenses in a month and this is more than ok to sustain them and then some. Students get shopping discounts at various less-priced supermarkets.

Shopping malls and local markets are another means by which students can shop. Local markets are not expensive but are scarcely available in some locations. These markets are like farmers' markets where many food and meat items are sold for cheap but fresh and in good quality.

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