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Lifestyle and Culture in Poland

Poland is a developed society made up of great people who continually strive for a better future. Polish people are very religious, Pope John Paul was from Poland and they take great pride in that. Literacy is really high in Poland and currently, about 90% of the population has completed secondary school education.

As a testament to Polish intelligence, altogether Poland has 17 Nobel Laureates and one important one was the first Nobel which was won by Marie Curie, a polish scientist, for Physics making her the first woman to win a Nobel prize. Interestingly, 4 of the 17 prizes were won for peace which speaks to how far the country has grown post-holocaust and post-communism.

Over 30% of Polish land is covered with forest making it the 4th most forested country in Europe. Poland is majorly comprised of clean countrysides but surprisingly the country is also home to the Bƚȩdów Desert, which was created as a result of human activity in the area.

Poland has a diverse culinary tradition of which one of the well-known food is Polish dumplings referred locally as Pierogi. This culinary delight is made by wrapping unleavened dough around a savory or sweet filling and then cooking them in boiling water or frying them in a pan.

Another traditional dish in Poland is Bigos commonly known in English as Hunter’s stew. The stew is made with various vegetables, meats, and spices. One famous sweet Polish treat is Pączki, which is Poland’s version of doughnuts.

One Polish tradition estimates about one hundred million doughnuts eaten every year on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday.

Street foods are a huge Polish tradition and many foreigners have come to love. One of such foods is the zapiekanka, which is an open baguette topped with cheese, olives, mushrooms, and other toppings. This food combination has earned the food the nickname of ‘Polish pizza’.

Poland is also widely revered for its production and consumption of alcoholic beverages like Vodka and Beer. Many Polish historians would argue that vodka originated from Poland as opposed to Russia, the country that gets credit for its origin.

Beer is also widely consumed by Poles and on average they drink about 92 liters of this beverage in a year. Poland ranks third after Germany and the Czech Republic when it comes to beer consumption in Europe.

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