Jobs for Students in Poland

Jobs for Students in Poland

Students are allowed to work part-time alongside their studies in Poland. One of the ways to find part-time work in the country as a new student is to put yourself out there and ask questions.

The first point of call for many students is their university, therefore students can seek employment in the student’s faculty or department, volunteer in one of the many student associations, or work on campus. These jobs are most times paid jobs or they come with some form of financial support towards the students' academics.

Post-graduate students can also find employment as lecturer's assistants, laboratory assistants, faculty administration, or in the international division of student services.

Bachelor students can easily sweep up jobs on campus as library assistants, student services attendants, servers and waiters at university-owned establishments, or as athletes in any of their university’s sports teams,

One common misconception, albeit an important factor for seeking a job in Poland as a student, is that the individual must be able to speak Polish. This is true in some cases, but there are many jobs that do not require Polish.

Realistically, student jobs in Poland pay just enough for the students’ living expenses and not so much for their tuition or major academic costs.

Jobs in Poland for foreign students include;

Tutoring Jobs:

Foreign students can a student in a foreign language that is native to them or that they are experts in for example native speakers of languages like English, French, German, or Arabic can tutor in private primary or secondary schools and private students as well.

Also not that, public schools in Poland have certain requirements and restrictions for foreigners, therefore, foreign students cannot tutor in state-owned schools.

Jobs in Restaurants:

Hotels and many other human-dependent service areas: Jobs as waiters and servers are available for foreign students and do not require any serious skill. These jobs most times do not require a high level of knowledge of Polish, individuals with just basic knowledge of the language are very employable as well.

Also, with the opening of many foreign restaurants and shops in Poland, students from such countries readily find employment in those establishments.

Jobs in call centers:

Native speakers of foreign languages like English, French, German or Spanish can find jobs in many companies as customer care operative or customer call centers. Poland is one of the major hubs where companies do a lot of outsourcing, these jobs are only available to expert speakers of foreign languages.

Work and Travel:

In the summer, foreign students can apply for a program called ‘Work and Travel’. This program enables foreign students to travel to the USA and work for three to four months as a cultural exchange scheme.

Students travel to many major cities in the US and work in different job establishments, this program is very rewarding and it fosters international relations.

Job Tips: Learn Polish and be proactive, use the internet to search and be very active in your local university community in Poland.

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