Application Requirements for Poland Universities

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Application Requirements for Poland Universities

Applications are made through RocApply’s direct application channel, and our services are seamless and very straightforward. Interested students can apply directly and follow our step-by-step application process.

Applicants can first peruse through our Study in Poland university and partner institutions, follow the step by step admission process and submit all the required documents for the admission. We advise that all applications are made early and all the necessary documents are submitted in time.

In Poland, in order to be considered for undergraduate admission, you must already have completed high school level education and have obtained a senior secondary school leaving certificate from a recognized school in your home country. This automatically qualifies the student for bachelor admissions.

Noteworthy, all certificates must be authorized by the necessary governing body where it was attained, and must be translated to meet Polish standards via a procedure known as ‘Nostrification’.

For postgraduate applicants, they similarly need to present documents proving that they have completed at least three years of undergraduates studies from a recognized higher institution.

Students applying for a master's or doctoral degree must show necessary documents and transcripts proving that they have completed the required bachelor’s or master’s program.

Language Requirements:

International students who are fluent in English, German, or French, need not concern about their studies in Poland as many programs and universities offer courses and programs in English and other languages like French and German outside of the Polish language. However, applicants must possess the necessary documents to prove their proficiency in those languages before they can enroll in classes

English language exams like TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, CPE, and CPE are widely accepted for study programs in English. French language proficiency certificates like DEFL, B2 are generally accepted for study programs taught in French. Similarly, Zertifikat Deutsch Plus 3 can suffice for study programs taught in German.

Please note that some universities in Poland do not request for separate language exams or certificates, as they have their own entrance exams and tests as part of their entry process. Also, there are course-specific requirements and grades, all important documents would be properly communicated to our students.

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