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Accommodation in Poland is also very favorable for students in terms of price, location and the amenities that they come with. Student housing in Poland is divided into four options which are;

Student Dormitories:

Many universities have student housing and halls of residence, they come in either shared rooms of four, three or even two. Many luxurious dormitories have single rooms but they are significantly pricier.

Student dormitories come recommended for foreign students who are new in Poland, as these dormitories are at close proximity or within the university campus.

Student dormitories have amenities such as TV, Internet, Heating, Common room, Washroom, and Dry cleaning as a part of their rental price. Most student dormitories only cost €150 a month.

Private Apartment:

This option is for those individuals who are keen on having their own privacy and comfort. Students can rent a private two-bedroom, three-bedroom or even studio apartments.

This option is also a little bit pricey but not overly priced. It costs between €300 to €550 depending on the location and how luxurious the apartment is.

Room Sharing:

Many students opt to share rooms in private apartments, this is to further save costs but primarily there is some level of privacy. The rooms come with their own bathroom and amenities.

Room sharing is very common in many international student communities, as living expenses are usually split equally amongst the tenants. Rent costs of €200 to €450 are then split two or three ways, including bills and other miscellaneous costs.

Home Sharing:

Home-sharing is very common in Europe, it is when a local family rents out one available room in their home to a foreign student. This option is peculiar to smaller cities in Poland but it is a very cheap and equally interesting experience.

Many home-sharing owners also give breakfast and dinner for free to their student tenants. Foreign students have easily learnt the local language this way and have interacted closely with Polish people and culture.

Aside from the rent, some homeowners do not request money for utilities while some others do, it is important to understand properly the terms of the agreement and determine if this option is best suitable.


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