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Studying abroad is everyone’s dream especially in an amazing country full of sites and places to explore. RocApply welcomes you to Paraguay Study Abroad!

For the adventurous student looking to explore the path less traveled, Paraguay's sprawling landscape, hilly landscapes, and countless historic treasures are irresistible. Studying here is something that will couple your memory for a lifetime!

Yeah, Paraguay!! One of two landlocked countries, Bolivia being the other one, in the South American continent. Studying abroad here ensures an experience you will rarely find elsewhere, the main reason being, it is a country of contrasting tenets.

Verdant forests and bucolic pastures blend with urban street life and tall, concrete establishments. All in all, Paraguay is a country of opposites, but that is exactly what makes it such an exquisite destination to study abroad. It guarantees a bit of everything South America has to spoil!

Poverty may be existing in many areas within the country, but it still retains areas of extreme wealth. A journey down to a scenic, untouched waterfall can be accompanied by a visit to the world's largest drinking water reservoir, Guarani Aquifer, and the world's biggest hydroelectric dam, The Itaipu Dam making up for the splendor of the country.

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Before you sign up for your dream university abroad, read the guides on our websites through filters embedded! We make life easy for you! The education system in Paraguay is similar to that seen in other countries across the world.

The literacy rate is estimated at 94 percent as of 2003 although the rate of illiteracy in rural areas is very higher than in urban regions. Early establishment of public education in Paraguay was initiated under President Carlos Antonio Lopez after 1840, who with Mariano Roque Alonso overthrew the Rodriguez Francia dictatorial era.

A semester abroad in Paraguay will give a unique experience and grow your prospects beyond simple horizons! Not only that but you will get the opportunity to improve your Spanish and speak like a native since this is the primary language here and is spoken widely across the country!

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About Paraguay

We know you are still intrigued to know much about this country, exactly why we have dedicated this portion to level up your insight concerning facts about Paraguay. Be sure to go through this guide to comprehend what manner of country is Paraguay!

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One of two landlocked countries in the entire continent of South America, Paraguay has rendered itself the moniker the ‘Heart of South America.’ Not only for its literal geographic centrality in the region but its passion and charm, meaning that emotionally, too, this country is located at the heart of the history and culture of Latin America.

Even though it is non-coastal, it certainly does not run short of access to water, hosting the main trunk of the Paraguay River.

This waterway bisects the nation into two strikingly different geographical regions, both deserving exploration in their own respect. To the west is the Chaco region, a big plain that stretches across 60 percent of the country, yet is home to only 5 percent of the population.

It’s mostly an untouched wilderness, although here you will find a curious settlement that is home to descendants of a breakaway group of German Mennonites.

To the east of the river is the Paranena region, which provides a different, sub-tropical climate, and in turn, different lowland forest vegetation was poking through the jungle, you’ll reach the mighty Iguazu Falls at the edge of the country, the widest cascade system in the world.

A trip to the falls is well worth it for the sheer visual beauty, possible from the city of Ciudad del Este, a stone’s throw away. Many travelers like to take advantage of visiting the tri-nation area of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay that surrounds the falls in one day.

The Parana River, which is the second-longest river in South America after the Amazon, heads southbound and flanks the east of Paraguay, shaping the border with Brazil before swinging around the south of the country to form a border with neighboring Argentina before finally reaching the confluence with the Paraguay River.

Relating the Parana from the north, the glorious Paraguay River flows from the Pantanal, a hugely abundant natural wilderness wetland ecosystem. The country also offers a rich cultural experience.

Even though it was the region of the once-mighty Spanish empire for many years, it has surprisingly held onto a huge deal of its pre-Columbian culture. For instance, the native tongue of the indigenous people remains in use today and is spoken by ninety percent of the people.

Paraguay is also interesting culturally because it has attracted some curious immigrants, such as the German Mennonites who arrived in the 1930s.

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We know most people would wonder where and what entails this beautiful country. We have outlined on this guide some of the best places and highlights you should expect once you step your feet in it.

About Paraguay's Economy

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The country is a landlocked country between Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia, home to large swamps, subtropical forests, and Chaco, savanna, and shrubland wildernesses. It had been settled more than one-thousand years ago by the Spanish.

As a result, there's a very strong religious history and cultural aspect to most of the world. The population of Paraguay is approximately 6.5 million. Paraguay has had a checkered history, but despite this Paraguayans have remained proud.

And they have a lot to be proud of since the country has it all: amazing nature, a thriving economy, and a further curious multicultural influx that has not been replicated anywhere else around the globe. Several ecotourism sites provide accommodation for those seeking to be in the midst of nature.

Transport around the country is adequately developed, consisting of an extensive bus and a limited rail network. You can also travel up and down the spine of Paraguay by boat on the Paraguay River.

Agriculture is one of the most important economic activities in the country, employing about one-fourth of the workforce. It accounts for about one-fifth of the gross domestic product and the vast majority of export products.

Important cash crops include soybeans, maize, wheat, rice, rapeseed, sesame, sugarcane, peanuts, and cassava. Many farmers practice direct sowing, a mechanized system intended to preserve land nutrients and avoid soil erosion; much of the grain in Paraguay is grown by that method.

Timber products have long been an important export for the country. More than half the country was forested in the 1940s, particularly the north and east, but by the end of the 20th century, the ratio had dropped to nearly one-fifth.

Rapid deforestation began in the 1970s, largely as a result of the extension of the agricultural frontier in the eastern border region. Widespread environmental damage ensued, as reforestation has been minimal since then.

The country has a solid macroeconomic framework based on fiscal rules, inflation targeting, and a flexible exchange rate regime. With the track-record of prudent macroeconomic policy over the last decade, low public debt, and adequate FX reserves, the macroeconomic policies and crisis response measures are expected to be effective in absorbing a part of the COVID-19 shock (at the time of writing).

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Why Study in Paraguay

Affordable Tuition Fees in Paraguay
Kindness of the locals

While there’re many reasons to come to Paraguay, there is one impression that lasts forever when you leave; the notable kindliness of the local people. Making friends here is unavoidable and one that touches the lives of so many students. Paraguayans will make you think twice about returning home after your study abroad. They strongly believe in networks and therefore you will find yourself immersing in a well-connected environment here.

Affordable Accomodation in Paraguay
International qualifications

İn recent years the Paraguayan tertiary academic sector has transitioned from traditional systems to many modernized methods. Scientific research has become the focal point for the country’s institutions, thereby attracting global recognition in the academic sphere! A qualification here will propel you to greater heights on the international job market without any hassle. Students from the institutions are outstanding scientific and research fields!

International Environment in Paraguay
Improve your job prospects

During and after your study, one thing you will attest to is the calmness of the people and their willing engagement in development circles! As a student here you will establish yourself into academic relationships that will culminate in endless opportunities after your study abroad. These networks will strengthen your understanding of the environment and avail more avenues of self-development and career advancement in different ways!!

Great Weather in Paraguay
The Paraguayan Carnival

Yes!, the greatest time of year in South America. Occurring in February, Carnival offers a fantastic amalgamation of infectious dancing, Brazilian music, vibrant colors, and energetic gatherings. An interesting element that separates Paraguay's Carnival from other countries is the soap. Cannons shoot soap into the crowds creating a truly eclectic atmosphere. A must-see. You will immerse yourself in the iconic carnival while studying here!

Scholarships in Paraguay

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A list of fully and partially funded scholarships and opportunities for students in Paraguay is available on this guide. Academic opportunities, fellowships, financial aids, and grants that are available for both nationals and international students to study in Paraguay or abroad may also be found here.

Citizens as well as foreigners can find here numerous opportunities to get paid internship or attend funded conferences, participate in competitions, training, or free online courses.

Paraguay Student Visa

To study in Paraguay you need a Paraguayan Student visa or permit depending on where you are coming from. RocApply is glad to assist you in figuring the best way to obtain your student visa with much hassling!

To apply for a student visa, you require a passport valid for at least six months after your intended return from Paraguay. You will need to enter Paraguay on a standard tourist visa, then proceed to register your name and address at the nearest local police station within seven days of your arrival.