Jobs for Students in Northern Mariana Islands

Students seeking to increase their finance, get work experience, fill up their free time, and those who intend to get some money for other expenses in the Northern Mariana Islands have several jobs that they can do.

Library assistants- students can work part-time at the university campus as library assistants. This involves sorting and arranging books after students are done studying and also assisting in book collections and returns. This gives the students an edge to get access to study books.

Cafeteria Assistants- students can work in the University cafeteria as cooks, serve meals, wash dishes, and clean up after everyone is done. This keeps students occupied and encourages participation in campus work.

Customer service- students can work or companies as customer service consultants. These can be telecommunications companies, cosmetic companies, or insurance companies, to mention but a few. This entails creating features that maximize sales, use visual merchandising to increase the appeal and hence sales.

Waiters- students can work as waiters in one of many food courts and famous restaurant brands in northern Mariana. There are many hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets, and restaurants in northern Mariana. Students can earn tips as well as a salary.

Interns- students can work as interns in the Northern Mariana Islands. The institutions’ student department will assist students to obtain internships in partner companies.

Cashiers- students in northern Mariana islands can also work as cashiers in retail stores and corner shops.

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