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Nigerians are known to be Africa’s biggest spenders, with the biggest economy and ever-increasing spending power, shopping in Nigeria flows seamlessly from the open street markets to the high-end malls that can be found across the country.

The country boasts of lively markets filled with all things Nigerian. From authentic Nigerian wax cloth to the vibrant food choices to choose from Nigeria is littered with street markets and you can get anything you are looking for.

Like most countries in Africa, ensure that when you are shopping at the market in Nigeria you have your bargaining skills honed. Here is a list of places where you can conveniently do your shopping around the country. Please note these are places we picked up, you might find cheaper and more convenient places once you settle in and familiarise yourself with the country.

The Leki Market

This market is where you can find Nigerian souvenirs that include wooden carved masks, wax cloth, paintings, and beaded artwork. If you are looking at shopping at this Lagos market be prepared to bring your bargaining game with you. This street market is popular for its lively music, dynamic cuisines, and vibrant atmosphere.

Ikeja City Mall:

This Mall in Lagos boasts of big franchises such as the Mug and Bean and Ocean Basket. With good parking space, grocery stores, a movie theatre, and plenty of other food outlets this state of the art mall is one place you can visit for both your grocery shopping and leisurely outing on weekends. It is a great place to do shopping and unwind at the same time.

Be prepared to come across neat professional looking and friendly shop assistants at these shops.

Jabi Lake Mall:

One of Abuja’s best malls, the Jabi Lake mall compares with malls from the most developed countries. With international standard restaurants in the vicinity, be ready to experience wonderful continental dishes and grill at Ancient Flavours Restaurant as you do you shopping.

The mall houses Sahad Stores which is one of the largest departmental chain stores in Nigeria; you might be able to shop for household and clothing items at a cheaper price in this shop. Other shopping malls of interest in Nigeria include:

  • ⦁ Polo Park Mall in Enugu
  • ⦁ Grand Towers Mall in Abuja
  • ⦁ Ado Bayero Mall in Kano
  • ⦁ Mega Plaza Century 21 Mall in Lagos

Shoprite, Africa’s largest retailer is present in Nigeria and has been since 2005. Shoprite has cheaper prices for quality groceries. It can be found in most Lagos and Abuja malls. It is advisable to do most of your shopping there and save up.

"I enjoy shopping and I found it affordable but some of the clothes are definitely not of the highest quality." - Hassan from Turkey

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