Nigeria Primary School Application Requirements

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Students intending to enrol in Nigeria school must note some of the basic requirements for admission into a primary school. These vary depending on the schools.

  • Copy of student’s Birth Certificate
  • Applicant’s vaccination card or record
  • passport size photographs (recently taken)
  • the previous year’s report cards
  • Special pedagogical reports
  • Any record of special needs
  • valid passport of the applicant
  • valid passports, or ID of Parents or guardian
  • Proof of address (if staying in Algeria)
  • Parents’ Letter of Introduction from the employer
  • The Name and address of the company with Company Registration number(self-employed parents)
  • Proof of a non-refundable application fee payment
  • Applicant’s Study visa
  • Parents or legal guardian’s passport photos
  • transfer letter (transfer students)
  • proof of bank account for account payer (with an official bank stamp)
  • a study permit (for all foreign students)
  • proof of a scholarship (if the student is on a scholarship)

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