Universities in Niger for international students

List of Niger Universities

1. Abdou Moumouni University

Number of Students: 40000
City: Niamey
Foundation Year: 1974
About University:


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2. Maryam Abacha American University of Niger

Number of Students: 20000
City: Maradi
Foundation Year: 2013
About University:

 Maryam Abacha American University of Niger, acronym (MAAUN). It is the first English speaking university in the Republic of Niger and also the first bilingual university in the Sub-Saharan Africa. It is a large private International university situated in Maradi, second largest city in Niger Republic. It is an institution with a wide range of programs, faculties and departments, offering undergraduate and post graduate degrees in Applied and Basic sciences, in Liberal Arts, in Social and Management sciences. It is a university with a population of over ten thousand under graduates and more than five thousand post graduate students.

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There are several Higher Education Institutions in Niger offering recognized degrees. RocApply provides you with a list of institutions you might consider in case you are thinking of studying in Niger. 

Abdou Moumouni Diofo University- the university was formerly named the University of Niamey and was renamed after former professor Abdou Moumouni Diofo, an educator, and former president of the University.

It was founded in 1971 and offers education in five faculties which include the faculties of natural sciences, agronomy, social sciences, medicine, economics, and law. and has a high school for education and a center of excellence. As of 2007, the university had about 8000 students. 

The university has several public institutions including:

  1. The Agronomy College- it is located in Niamey and consists of the agronomy faculty, the regional center for specialized learning, the department of Animal production, and the department of science.

  2. The College of Arts and Sciences- consists of the Geography department.

  3. The College of Science- it consists of the faculty of science, biology department, geology department, center for Sahelian research and publication, and the laboratory Garba Mounkaila of Biology.

  4. The Niamey Teachers College

  5. The Radio Isotopes Institute

  6. National School of Public Health

  7. National School of Engineering and Mines

  8. Dosso and Zinder satellite campuses.

University Institutes of Technology- these are technology schools in the different regional capitals of Niger. The university institutes of technologies include:

  1. University Institute of Technology Maradi- it is located in Maradi and offers programs in Business studies, that is, finance and banking, commerce, insurance, business formation, and administration; Mechanical engineering, Information engineering

  1. The University Institute of Technology Tahoua- it is located in Tahoua and was opened in 2008. The main focus areas are Agro-business- agriculture, husbandry, and forestry. Other programs are tanning, leather works, electrical engineering, tourism

  1. The University Institute of Technology Zinder- is located in Zinder and was opened in November 2008. Focus areas include Civil engineering, Hydrogeology, Topography, and City planning

The Islamic University of Niger- this is an international university in Say, west of the capital city.  It opened its doors in 1974. Studies are conducted in Arabic, French, and English. There are 5 faculties, 2 institutes, and 2 centers. Faculties include:

Institutes include:

African Development University- this is a non-profit private university in Niamey. It was established in 2007 and offers undergraduate programs, master's programs, and executive courses.

Programs offered include liberal arts license or undergraduate program that takes up to 3 years. These are designed to prepare students to become entrepreneurs, and leaders within the country, in the private and private sector. A Master’s program is also offered and also an MBA program designed for professionals to increase their skills.  


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