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Student life in Niger combines academics with fun and entertainment, at the same time harnessing students’ abilities in extracurricular activities. It provides a great infrastructure that optimizes the learning ability of students.

The workload of universities can be gruesome and students need to learn how to balance up their activities and studies. Some limit their time of going out and having fun with friends and focus more on their studies. There are several student activities or on-campus and off-campus activities that they can take part in.

Sports clubs- sports disciplines that students can join and even play competitively against other universities include track and field club, basketball, volleyball, football netball, volleyball, basketball, lawn tennis, and table tennis. Sports keeps both the mind and the body fit and refreshed.

Student Spiritual Life

The University also allows students of all faiths to practice their religion without discrimination. This can help students to adjust well in their host country. There are several religious groups and clubs on campus, who conduct services at a different time as they would have arranged.

Touring places- there are plenty of things and places to see sin Niger. Students can take time out to visit W National Park, Dabous Giraffe Rock Art, Niamey, Koure, and Zinder

Camping- Camping in general is a great activity for students to gel together and to bond. It allows making new friends and learning about the great Nigerien outdoors. Various educational camping trips can be organized by the Institutions. 

Clubbing/ late movies- off-campus student life will never be complete without the fun activities of going out to enjoy drinks and a calm night out with friends.

Social Clubs- on-campus social clubs are good for students as they promote some form of cohesion and unity among students. It allows foreign and local students to teach each other a lot of things in terms of their way of doing things, and their customs.




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