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Markets dominate much of Niger, just like most West African markets. You can expect to find a wide range of products from these markets, from hardware, clothing, and fabrics, to fresh foods and fruit and vegetables, and jewelry.

Niamey Grand Market (Grand Marche) - this is the largest market and shopping center in the capital of Niamey. It is arguably one of West Africa’s calmest and most diverse markets. At the grand market, you can expect to find a very wide spectrum of goods like retail goods, fresh meals, imported products, cloth, jewelry, and crafts.

The aisles are built in a grid-like manner that contains fabric, tailors, sports apparel, household, baby clothes, automotive parts, and many other goods. There is a wide variety of locally produced goods that you can find and some crafts. 

Petite Marche-this is the main fruit and vegetable located in the center of the city. It is usually very full of people hustling and bustling to get their everyday needs.

Supermarche Hadad- is a place that is set up in a western supermarket manner, owned by Lebanese nationals. It sells imported goods, packaged foods, meats, alcohol, cereals, cheese, cookies, fruit and vegetables, and some cosmetics. It is a one-stop-shop within the market. The supermarket sells a wide selection of specialty products.

Wadata Artisanal Market- for all craft purchases, this is the right place for you. Choose from a variety of locally made unique crafts and souvenirs to carry back home.

Katako Marche- this place is a unique mix between a home depot, an industrial complex, and a super target. It offers a variety of products from hardware goods, to cheap food, aluminum pots, wood products, and metal products.

Marche Bonkaney- this a friendlier market with less hustle and bustle and sells a variety of products as well.


"I enjoy shopping and I found it affordable but some of the clothes are definitely not of the highest quality." - Hassan from Turkey

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