Jobs for Students in Niger

As a university student in a foreign land, it is advisable to at least get a part-time job. This will bring in some extra cash and also give students something to do in their free time. There are some reasons why students should consider a part-time job. 

Experience-experience is the best teacher and most students choose part-time jobs so they can learn about their different trades. This will come in handy when they leave school and look for a job.

  • Reference- some students choose part-time jobs so they can at least have some references after they complete their course and need to find a job.
  • Salary- remuneration is among the top reasons why students choose a part-time job. This will help them to pay their tuition or cover extra costs associated with their education.
  • To fill up time- some find a part-time job as a hobby to fill up their free time. Some have a passion for cooking, some being DJs, etc. and so they make take up a job doing what they love to fill up their free time.

Part-time job options for students in Niger are as follows:

  • Canteen assistants- students can take up a job on campus as canteen assistants and serve meals and also clean up after everyone is done with their meals.
  • Bartenders-bartending is among the most easily found jobs in Niger. Students can serve drinks, run errands, and also clean up after the customers are done.
  • Waiters-waiting on restaurant tables usually comes with a lot of tips from customers. This means the student can make even more extra cash. Students can take up jobs in hotels and restaurants as waiters for extra money.
  • Interns-students in Niger can take up jobs as interns. This gives them a platform to learn about the nature of the job for which course they are studying towards and sometimes earn for it. Some companies pay interns and some just offer education with a few allowances.
  • Data capturer- students can work for NGOs in Niger as data capturers. This is simply entering information on patients or enumerating people in drought-prone regions who need aid.
  • Messengers- students can also take up a job as a messenger and deliver letters and other correspondence for customers.
  • Customer front desk attendant- students can work as front desk attendants at hotels, motels, or restaurants and attend to customers and any queries.
  • English tutor- Niger is a Francophone country as well and the official language is French. Students can make some extra money by teaching them communication skills in English.

Note: the list is inexhaustible and is not limited to the jobs mentioned above.


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