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Accommodation in Niger is relatively easy to find. With several options from homestays, hotel rentals, motel rental, shared apartments, ad studio accommodation. 

Dormitories- various universities in Niger offer dormitory accommodation to their students. This is to ease the burden of finding alternative accommodation, especially for foreign students or those who are not local to the university area. Universities like the Abdou Moumouni University offer dorm rooms for accommodation.

These are available at a slightly extra cost on the fees paid. Meals are also prepared on campus or students can choose to eat their food depending on their preference. Dorm rooms can vary in terms of size and quality. Accommodation can be offered on a first-come-first-served basis due to the number of dorms available.

Apartments – there are several apartments available for rent in Niger, though a bit more costly

Rented Rooms- renting a room in Niger’s residential areas is relatively more affordable. Landlords can let out their cottages or rooms to students for an agreed amount per month.

Homestays- The best way to witness and enjoy life in Niger is to have a homestay as your accommodation option. Homestays offer visitors the best chance to learn about the country, meet new people, go places, and learn the ways of getting around faster in Niger. Enjoy living in a family set up at a more affordable price.

The price to be paid will depend on the agreement with the owners. Some homestays offer free or paid food, internet access, laundry and rooms, shared bathrooms. The host can offer a light complimentary breakfast at his/ her discretion and guests can pay extra for the other meals as per the agreement.



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