Study in New Zealand

Discover the endless in this amazing study abroad destination – New Zealand, this one of a kind country that serves many possibilities in not only education but also in adventure and the total experience.

The warm friendly country has become a one-stop for individuals looking to step outside their shells to achieve their goals and see the beauty in the world.

Regardless of the distance, New Zealand as a study destination has gradually solidified its stands in education, thanks to their unbeatable records, their groundbreaking research, and their many successful strides.

Students come from far and wide and benefit from this small but influential country on the Australian continent.

The system in New Zealand is very friendly and inclusive with students having access to the best lecturers and tools to succeed. The system here encourages inter-student and faculty relations to better foster a healthy and productive learning space.

As education is one of the pillars of the New Zealand government, measures have been put in place to provide not only quality education but also social skills that raise good and resourceful individuals in today’s society.

The teaching methods practiced in New Zealand are very advanced and have become models that the world is emulating now, not only are they making a difference they are also bridging the student-teacher gap that the traditional teaching schemes have opened.

Lastly, do not be afraid to set out to this beautiful country with sun and nature, meet new people, make new connections whilst bagging that degree. Come and create stories that would last a lifetime, in magnificent New Zealand.

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About New Zealand

With a rich academic history, New Zealand is a beautiful country with a diverse population.

Boasting fantastic natural landscapes, a combination of European cultures and medieval castles, New Zealand is widely considered to be the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel. Universities in New Zealand can offer international students with a unique experience.

About New Zealand Economy

Presently, New Zealand, land of the kiwi is the most prosperous country on the planet. The country has been dubbed the easiest place to do business and trade.

New Zealand has a GDP of $210 billion with a GDP per capita of $44,069. New Zealand has a very export-driven competitive economy with exports accounting for around 30% of its GDP.

All of their exports sits at approximately $35.8 billion which have them ranked 54th in the world. While the country exports a wide range of products, commodity-based products remain the main source of export receipts.

Their biggest exports are concentrated milk at 13% and frozen bovine meat at 5.9%, sheep and goat meat at 6.3%. New Zealand is known for agriculture and has been one of the biggest exporters of food products like cheese, butter, and wine.

One noteworthy fact about the country’s economy is that they are the eight largest producers of milk in the entire world. As a matter of fact, they provide approximately 2.2% of the world’s milk with rearing more than 4.2 million milking cows and 5.25 million dairy cows. Some of their top trading partner countries include Australia, China, the EU, USA, Japan, and Singapore.

They import approximately $35.7 billion ranking 57th in the world and of that value, their biggest imports are cars at 8.2% and crude petroleum standing at 5.8% and refined petroleum being 3.4%. On top of that, there's also technological types of equipment such as computers and phones.

New Zealand, a global leader in economic freedom has experienced annual average growth over 3% in the past five years. Its economy is the third freest according to the Index of Economic Freedom; thanks to foraging deregulation and privatization since the 1980s which have largely liberated the economy.

Besides agriculture, New Zealand has sizeable manufacturing and service sectors; Tourism is also significant and has in more than one way contributed largely not only to the country’s economy but also to the country’s image.

New Zealand continues to have favorable perceptions in the world’s eyes. Noteworthy also is the fact that unemployment is below 5% in the country.

Why Study in New Zealand

Affordable Tuition Fees in New Zealand
Reasonable Visa Policy

As an international student going through the process of moving abroad for study, the process can be a bit tedious when it comes to visas and permits, depending on your country. However, New Zealand has one of the fairest visa processes in the world.

With favorable immigration regulations, the country places a high priority for international students who put forward a proper application for a study visa.

Affordable Accomodation in New Zealand
Affordable High-Quality Education

Of course, one of the reasons you want to study abroad is for the quality of education and New Zealand education ranks really high along with many top institutions around the world.

Although there are not that many universities in the country, the few ones available offer a very fantastic quality of education. Not only that, but the schools here are also highly affordable when compared to tuition values of other countries.

One more noteworthy fact is, coming into the country at a particular level of study in the country, you’re allowed to work part-time as an international student, giving them the opportunity to earn some money they study.

International Environment in New Zealand
Safe and friendly 

As a foreigner who is venturing out to a different country, one of the biggest concern is your safety. Looking at the history and the overall system in New Zealand right now, the country is probably one of the safest places in the world and increasingly, more people consider the country as a safe haven.

The country is also very welcoming, the people are warm and the system is set up such that there are no biases towards people based on ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc

Great Weather in New Zealand
Post-Study Work Visas

Education abroad is surely an investment towards your future, a future that you can also determine when you study in New Zealand. The country stands out in this regards because of the post-study options are very favorable and properly defined as a rule of law.

After completing a program successfully, your most certainly going to get a post-study work visa which allows you the opportunity to seek out good employment for one year in the country.

Scholarships in New Zealand

New Zealand Student Visa

New Zealand visa types are contingent on the type of study that the student is interested in and the duration it will take. With the right visa, entry into the country is seamless and hassle-free.