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Access to proper medical health is the right of every citizen and foreigner in New Caledonia. There are many public and private health institutions to meet the medical needs of the inhabitants and those working, studying on touring the islands. These offer different medical specialties.

Medipole Grand Noumea Hospital

This is a public hospital opened in 2016. It has state-of-the-art modern medical equipment such as vascular and brain imaging, a scanner, radiation, and oncology center, coronary angiography, decompression chambers, and hemodialysis treatment centers. It offers other services such as surgery, intensive care, rehabilitation, and resuscitation.

The Gaston-Bourret Territorial Hospital of New Caledonia

Is a public hospital that was established on the 18thof December 1981 as The Territorial Hospital of Noumea which was later changed into the territorial hospital of New Caledonia.

It was originally made up of the Gaston-Bourret Hospital in Noumea, and eventually, other hospitals and centers located on different sites. Let’s look at some of the sites and hospitals in the territory.

In 2016, its activities were consolidated in one newly built hospital, the Medipole de Koutio, located in the suburbs near Noumea.

  • Capacity: it had 554 beds and 48-day hospitalization places in 2006
  •  Staff: it has more than 1 600 staff, including 130 doctors, is New Caledonia's second-largest employer.
  • Attendance: an average of 22 000 patients, 66 000 consultants, and 37 000 patients were admitted to the ER per year. Sites include the:
  • CHT Gaston-Bourret- the main hospital with 267 beds, 20-day hospitalization places, and the oldest hospital site located in downtown Noumea, on the port.

Magenta CHT

Is a private clinic originally opened in 1983. Its the territory's second-largest hospital with 160 beds, 14-day hospital places, 13 hemodialysis stations. It is located in the Magenta district 3 km east of the city center of Noumea.

Col de la Pirogue Medical Centre

This is a centre located in the commune of Païta about 40 km from Noumea, it is a small structure serving as a center for convalescence and medium stay rehabilitation.

Raoul Follereau Centre

This is a center located on the Ducos peninsula, attached to the CHT in 1990, which has 25 beds and permanently welcomes about fifteen patients.


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