Flights to New Caledonia

Several flight options are available for traveling to and from New Caledonia. Below are some of the airline's travelers can use.

Flights to New Caledonia

Qantas Airlines                                                           Air New Zealand

Air Vanuatu                                                                Air Calin


There are several airports in New Caledonia, namely:

Noumea La Tontouta International Airport- this isthe main public airport of New Caledonia, located about 52km northwest of Noumea. As of 2017, the airport served about 529 349 passengers. It is the hub of Aircalin and also serves other international airlines, and Pacific Air Express, a cargo airline.

Noumea Magenta Airport- this is a domestic airport about 3km northeast of Noumea city center, and 50km from the La Tontouta International Airport. This public airport is served by Air Caledonie. As of 2018, the airport served about 454 540 passengers. It has a paved surface of about 1250 meters.  

Ile des Pins Airport- this is an airport on Ile des Pins Island. It is a public airport with an asphalt surface of 1250 meters. As of 2018, the airport served an estimated 107 065 passengers. It is served by Air Caledonie, a local airline traveling to Noumea-Magenta. Air Caledonie also has its head offices here.

Lifou Airport- this is a public airport serving Lifou. It has an asphalt surface of about 1250m. As of 2018, the airport received 178 425 passengers.It is also served by Air Caledonie to destinations including Mare, Noumea, Ouvea, and Tiga.

Mare Airport- isa public hospital in Mare. It has a paved surface of 1000m and is served by Air Caledonie with flights to Lifou, Noumea, Ouvea, and Tiga.



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