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Nothing is so uncomfortable as being caught-up between deciding how to behave and not having the chance to do so especially if you're in a foreign land!

We understand that studying abroad can be a life-changing experience and, should you choose Nauru, our RocApply tips and guides will enhance what will already be a wonderful trip by helping you also understand the culture and etiquette in Nauru. 

We recommend that you thoroughly go through this guide to enhance your peaceable stay with the Nauruan.

The country has a unique and remarkable history. Traditionally a nomadic people, Nauruan are descended from several separate tribes or clans, each speaking a distinct dialect and with its own style of dress.

The people are renowned for their lavish hospitality, respect for seniors, honesty, and sincere generosity. To this day, a visitor will be offered tea and food before even being allowed to explain why he has come!

Sadly, not much of Nauru’s ancient culture has remained, despite centuries of seperation from Western influences. Christianity has replaced goddess worship as the dominant religion and Australian Rules football is the official national sport here.

Many island weightlifters have successfully won medals and beaten competitors from much bigger countries.

Although most elders can no longer understand Radio Nauru’s collection of local songs, traditional reigen songs and rhythmic singing are still done on special occasions.

Fishers still use trained birds and small light boats to summon their catches, and traditional materials are used to manufacture many arts and crafts. These include kokospalme wood, kokosfasern fans and screw tree sheets.

Nauruan are people full of compassion and courtesy! This is evidenced by the level of security and peace the country offers. You will likely stay for the entirety of your study period unbothered here!

There is no need to contemplate about studying here. The country lives up to its fame! Make your application today with RocApply and get started to roll with everyone else here.

" Its a place to be" - Martin from Canada

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