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While studying abroad can be exciting, having a perfect plan for accommodation is even more exciting! RocApply has dedicated this guide to give you information on the types of accommodation you should expect once in Montserrat! You do not have to worry anymore when you plan to study abroad in Montserrat about where to stay? Whether you are looking for a budget student accommodation or a friendly host family here! 

Whatever type of accommodation you are looking for, RocApply will help you find it at the lowest possible price! Accommodation will be the most important order of business. When finding your new house, there are many factors to consider such as location, community, and amenities, amongst other things. As a new student, it is highly recommended to find residences near the university. Getting lost is easy and living near campus will save you lots of time and help you familiarise yourself with the campus a lot faster. Thus RocApply prides in guiding you through the possible options of accommodation for students in South Montserrat.

Here the majority of the neighborhoods around the schools are safe and comfortable. Also, they can be easily accessed by foot, bus, or subway. So, regardless of where your student apartments in Montserrat are located, you rest assured of accessing your school with ease. As a student, especially an exchange student it is probably not important to rent an apartment through a real estate agency as contracts are of a minimum of two years. But there are other options. The first option is the housing program at your university. Most South Montserratan universities offer help to find a place to stay. 

If you decide independent living is what you want, you might consider looking around at your Montserratan university’s notice boards as well as on notice boards close by universities. Many rooms are advertised by word of mouth and students that already spend some time at the host university will know what is available and not. A good tip is to ask at your home university for students that will be finished their studies in Montserrat for reliable information.

You have the choice of accommodation in Montserrat as we understand how important is for you to feel comfortable. You have the freedom to choose your accommodation in the country and know exactly how the accommodation will look like, the characteristics of your room, where it is located on a map, how far it is from the school, and you can even contact the host through our messaging system. These accommodations here can be booked independently whether you are attending a language program or not.

RocApply tips

  • It is always advisable to organize accommodation in advance. 
  • If you are planning to find a place when you arrive in Montserrat, then it will be best to organize temporary accommodation at a hostel before leaving your home country to accommodate you while searching for longer-term accommodation.

If you are planning to find a place when you arrive in Montserrat, it is sensible to book a few nights at a hostel before you leave home to give you a base while hunting for longer-term accommodation. RocApply has all the information on hostels in almost every town in Montserrat, along with photos, independent reviews, and online booking.


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