Study in Moldova

İf you are planning to study abroad then you are on the right page! RocApply will help you choose the right path to the country of your choice without any hustles! If Eastern Europe is on your radar then Moldova would be the perfect destination for you.

Moldova is an admirable place for those who are seeking high-quality education abroad at a reasonable price. International students are interested in acquiring a certificate in Moldova for a variety of reasons.

The people here are advanced, multicultural, and open-minded nationals. Residents of Moldova are family-oriented and always feel proud in offering the best experience of hospitality to the international tourists, visitors, and students pursuing varied courses from the top medical universities in the country.

The country has witnessed a remarkable development in the field of education, especially in the area of medicine. The growth percentage of teaching in the country particularly in the medical field is astounding.

Degrees awarded by the Moldovan universities are internationally recognized. Students who have completed them are successfully practicing their careers in various destinations around the world. There are only a few steps you have to follow to book your vacancy here; apply online with RocApply for free!! We recognize that when it comes time to choose a destination for learning, you have so much in the box, let’s help.

Education has always played an essential role for the people here. Throughout history, and today, it remains one of the most significant values of the Europeans.

We welcome you to join thousands of international students expanding their horizons, honing their skills, and experiencing the rich cultural heritage of this country.

Study with world-class lecturers, musicians, scientists, and educational patrons. We will help you gain the important necessary to enter the job field or continue your education at even higher levels.

By exploring our website you’ll be able to learn about the exciting reforms that have been taking place in the Moldovan higher education system. The improvement and development of the academic system have always been prioritized in Moldova.

Now, with our implementation of The Bologna Process and partnership with other member countries, we are proud of the fact that degrees issued from Moldovan universities are comparable to those from other approved establishments.

Top-quality education, professional and competent academic staff, Internationally-oriented courses, lower cost of living, and affordable tuition fees make Moldova a great place for international students to receive high-quality academics.

We encourage you to read more, discover the educational opportunities awaiting you at our many and varied establishments, explore our beautiful country, and meet our people recognized as some of the highly hospitable in the world. Moldova will provide you with an interesting cultural and educational experience.

Some of the main advantages of studying in Moldova are the following:

- Students will gain practical and leadership skills.

- There are many competitive universities for spoils

- The people are welcoming

- You earn an international qualification

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About Moldova

Moldova is your great destination if you hate crowds as it’s one of the least–traveled countries in the world.

A small, landlocked state-bound between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova was disintegrated into two in 1994, with the newly-formed breakaway Transnistrian Republic to the east (unrecognized by the rest of the world).

Its main attractions are its wineries, although the best Moldovan wines are not being exported for political reasons.

The capital, Chisinau, is an intriguing city for a day or two of exploring, and Balti has a pretty old town. Soroca is known as the Romany Capital of Moldova and has a 15th-century fort as well as ornate Roma houses.

Tiraspol, the country's second-largest urban city, is known for its museums and is the capital of the breakaway Transnistria region. The most beautiful city in the country is Ungheni, with much to keep travelers occupied.

The countryside is dotted with Eastern Orthodox monasteries, but the ancient cave monastery at Orheiul Vechi the crown gel.

Museums in the capital and Transnistria give a glimpse of the Soviet and ancient years, while the rolling steppe topography is given over to small, traditional arable lands. For a totally distinct experience, a visit to Transnistria is a must, as it is an eerie journey back to the Soviet era with tourists as rare as snow in summer.

The country is diversified in multiple facets and has a great collection of resorts for spoils!

The multi-ethnic Moldovan people are charming, welcoming, and not at all used to tourists. Hospitality is remarkable, with foreigners often invited to dine with families. Oddly, it is the poorest country in Europe, yet you’ll find a choice of top city hotels and a dearth of less expensive accommodation, with the capital home for luxury getaways at a price to match.

Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria, has countable standard hotels and several cheap and gleeful lodgings.

Movement in Moldova is by rail, bus, car, boat along the Danube, or taxi, with the rail system relatively effective and the bus service extensive and reliable.

Chisinau is the transportation center for the country, with three bus stations offering routes to every city and town, as well as urban trolley routes. Minibusses are the most popular and fastest way to travel but the full-size buses are safer as their movement is more limited.

About the Moldova's Economy

Leaving for anew country raises several uncertainties! To curb some of it RocApply dedicates this guide to inform you of the economic outlook of Moldova. This is the best way to prepare for your study abroad.

We consent with you on the Economic performance of your desired study abroad options. Be sure to go through our guide and check all the filters on our website to learn more.

Economic reform in the country has over the last decade proceeded more hesitantly than in most other transition nations. As a result, living standards have swamped while the economy developed slowly or contracted, with the level of investment being inadequate to sustain development.

More recently the country has achieved a degree of political stability and economic greenlight is now improving. However, widespread poverty, a heavy external owings burden, and an extensive shadow economy are sources of continued worry.

About the economy of Moldova

Even before the pandemic shock, the economy slowed sharply in the last quarter of 2019. Growth in 2019, at 3.6 percent, was underpinned by strong domestic utility led by wage increases, remittances, credit expansion, and rising public expenditure.

Yet growth declined sharply to 0.2 percent in the last quarter, as agriculture and electricity production plunged, with a slowdown in exports and investments.

The monetary policy was relaxed before the crisis outbreak. In anticipation of disinflationary challenges, the policy rate was cut to 5.5 percent in 2019 end of the year. On the back of weaker domestic demand and downward spillover from international commodity rates, the inflation rate declined to 5.9 percent by March 2020.

To ensure adequate liquidity, the central bank lowered the reserve requirement rate by over 6 pp down to 34% and cut the policy rate further to a historic low of 3.25%.

The crisis will weigh on new financial markets. While the banking system is well-capitalized, new loans have contracted by 8.3 percent since the peak in December 2019.

The inflow of new deposits has decreased by one-third, but the overall deposit stock is still 2.5% above the end-2019 level, suggesting sustained confidence in the banking sector. Moldovan economy is ideal for a semester abroad.

With a stably international trade system, the country is making strides on the global market and gives international students the perfect study abroad environment. Couple with its affordable cost of living the country is a perfect country to pursue your studies.

There is much to enjoy; you can get a job locally whilst a student and earn a few dollars for spending on weekends. Be sure to apply today with RocApply and render yourself a place in one of its competitive institutions hassle-free!

Why Study in Moldova

Affordable Tuition Fees in Moldova
The country is a great country for research and higher education. Not to forget it is a country that had a very old heritage and picturesque scenery, Moldova is a must-visit. The breathtaking landscapes and high mountains are just a few attractions in Moldova. Many other locations are of great interest to students here more so.
Affordable Accomodation in Moldova
Economical Reasons
The country is one of the most highly developed industrial nations in the world and, after the USA and Japan has the world's third-largest national economy. With a population of 82.3 million Moldova is also the largest and most important market in the European Union. This reciprocates on the quality of life and makes the destination a great study abroad destination!
International Environment in Moldova
World class Institutes
Moldovan universities' performance is outstanding amidst political challenges compared with other developed countries and regions. Taking the territorial area into account, the country has the most densely located world-class universities than any other place in the world. The institutions here are internationally accredited. Moldova has many popular universities that provide quality higher education. There are several reasons why Moldova is a preferred location for higher studies.
Great Weather in Moldova
The tuition fee is one of the lowest in the entire European Union, in particular, Moldova and several programs help with the many expenses of deserving students. It is also very easy to obtain a student visa for studying here. Students have a chance to obtain a scholarship from various organizations here and study abroad with easy

Scholarships in Moldova

Moldova has signed agreements with other countries so that the Ministry of Education and Science may implement scholarships to provide financial assistance to international students.

When determining the allocation of scholarships, preference will be given to Moldovan Diaspora students pursuing degree programs in Moldovan studies, pedagogy, and art.

In general, however, studying here is cheaper than in many countries, with average tuition fees currently standing at approximately USD 3,500 per year.

Although the prices of programs at Moldova’s international branch campuses tend to be higher, they are still much cheaper than their international counterparts, while offering the same prestige.

Moldova Student Visa

As an aspiring student in Moldova, you will need a student visa that will help you to gain entry into the country without any problems.

Thus RocApply has put together the requirements for a student visa in Moldova. The student visa has to be obtained whilst you are in your country of origin.

However, it is always advisable to check updated information on visa requirements in case there are any changes.