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Moving to a new country is no easy feat, especially when you are an international student. For the majority of international students, it might be your first time leaving the nest.

We no longer can turn to the comforts of our home and family like we used to, so as RocApply we understand that for many of you, starting a new chapter in a different country can be daunting.

However, do not fret! In this guide, we offer some tips to get you through adjusting to your new life as an international student. 

Your time at Micronesian universities will be one of the most memorable of your life and as they aim to provide the best possible environment to help you succeed, both academically and personally.

Institutions here are committed to combining successful academic achievements with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced student experience overall.

The universities offer a holistic and challenging Micronesian and international educational program founded on the pillars of academic excellence, happiness, innovation, international mindedness, balance, community leadership, and cultural respect. 

With experienced leadership, dedicated and caring educators, and state-of-the-art facilities, colleges and universities inspire students to pursue their passions and become lifelong inspirants.

The schools here are part of a family of exceptional international schools around the world and intend to make student life as enjoyable as it can be by offering various on-campus and off-campus activities; clubs, sports, academic seminars, educational clinics, interaction groups, and students boardies amongst many!


  • Social and recreational activities: Includes a wide range of fun activities such as movie nights, camping, sports tournaments, and Gaming competitions.
  • Community services: Includes fundraising, blood donation, and other activities that support cancer and orphan initiatives. These activities encourage students to engage with the wider Micronesian community through active participation and voluntary work.
  • Student services: Includes orientation days, facilitating arrangements for students with special requests or special circumstances, processing appeals and complaints, as well as providing counseling sessions.
  • Educational activities: Includes opportunities for students to visit key organizations and institutions as well as attend guest speaker sessions from specialists in different subject fields.
  • Internships and employability: Towards the final year of studystudents are given the chance to build links with potential employers through internships and work placements to accelerate their career ambitions.  

DISCLAIMER: The suggestions on these pages are based primarily on recommendations that we receive from former students. Activity lists are by no means exhaustive; rather, they are meant to give you an idea for exploring all of the ways you can get involved in Micronesia! We advise you to check by yourself what beauty lies ahead!



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