Mexico Visa Requirements for international students

Visa Requirements for Students in Mexico

Visa requirements for students that want to study in Mexico are different for students depending on their citizenship. Select you country below, learn about the relevant regulations and find the embassies and consulates in your country!

1.Step: Select your Country

Mexico is the largest of the Spanish-speaking countries, with a rich and diverse culture and countless historical artfacts, many of which are protected UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It’s one of the most-visited places in the world, attracting millions of tourists every year, who are looking to enjoy Mexico’s vibrant way of life.

However, the country also attracts foreigners who are looking to work for a Mexican employer or to pursue their studies in a Mexican educational institution. RocApply has made it easy for you to know on how to get the student visa here.

What are the requirements for a Mexico Student Visa?

When you apply for a Mexico Student Visa, you must submit the following documents (in original and copy) at the Mexico embassy:

  • Completed and signed Mexico Visa Application Form
  • Your passport along with photocopies of the relevant pages (first and last page, any visas, and stamps you have received)
  • Passport-size picture with a white background and taken in the last six months.
  • A booked flight ticket (not necessarily purchased)
  • Letter of acceptance from your educational institution, addressed to the Mexico embassy, containing the following:
  • Your full name
  • The level, degree, and area of the study you will take
  • The name of the course in which you have been accepted
  • The duration of the course, including start and end dates
  • The cost of the tuition fee, along with specification on whether you have received a scholarship
  • The school’s contact information
  • Bank statements or investments from the last three months
  • Proof of sufficient financial means to cover your stay, such as:
  • Proof you have a steady income of at least US$400 per month
  • Proof you have savings or investments
  • Proof you have received a scholarship
  • If you are a minor: Include your birth certificate and the IDs of your parents or legal guardians.
  • If you are not a national of the country you are currently living in: Include proof of legal residence there, such as a residence permit.
  • Student Visa processing fee

Keep in mind:

All the documents you submit have to be in English or Spanish. If the’re not, translate them and include both the original and the translation. All the official documents you submit (birth certificates, school diplomas/transcripts, etc) have to be legalized before submission, such as through an Apostille or the Mexican embassy.

This is not an exhaustive list of requirements. The Mexico embassy may request any additional documents as they see fit.

What is the Mexico Student Visa fee?

The fee for a Mexico Student Visa is around $36, but it may change depending on the country in which you submit your application. The payment method also differs since some embassies may ask you to pay the fee upfront via bank transfer while others ask you to pay in cash. For more information contact us on email or WhatsApp.

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