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Most students in Mexico would agree that it is a tranquil place to live with a lot of spaces for them to carry out their lives comfortably. Suffice to say that it is a lot less hectic than other major cities, and there are many opportunities to lead the kind of life that you enjoy without having to exhaust yourself or your pocket. Let’s looks into the nittis!

While learning can be very demanding students will certainly find extracurricular activities once in Mexico. There is a range of entertainment that Mexican cities offer for a lively after-class experience ranging from parties, get-togethers, and gigs! Going for a night out is much less expensive when compared to other neighboring countries.

You can really choose what type of experience you would like to have. You can stop by a pulqueria to have a drink of this relatively low alcohol plant-based drink that comes in all kinds of delicious flavors. A pitcher of pulque costs around $3USD and a bottle of beer is usually a $1.50USD in most bars and night clubs.

Bars, in general, are quite reasonably priced, and the same can be said for many dance clubs throughout the country, even those that are in so-called fancier neighborhoods.

There is a big party culture, so big in fact that many see the weekend as something that is pretty random to start on Thursday, or as it is commonly referred to, ‘little Friday.’ Many students appreciate how each outing can vary considerably from one night to the next. On one night you can try your moves at salsa. For students who have a keen interest in exploring the world, Mexico would be very attractive.

As a jumping-off point try also visiting intriguing cities that are nearby. Some very popular destinations include Guadalajara, Cholula, and Puebla's state capital of the same name. You will not have to worry about getting around since many bus and airline companies offer a number of discounts for students to take advantage of. Just remember to carry with you the student ID card.

Regarding student discounts, there are many of them all around cities. The most common are museums and places like the national film theatre, La Cineteca, found in Mexico City, where students and teachers alike pay a fraction of the entrance costs. When it comes to cultural centers, you should always inquire about a student discount as often there is one.

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